Traffic driving force behind the Web3 era- Free People Dao business value analysis

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The data shows that Free People Dao ’s turnover has exceeded 1.6 billion People , which is about 32 million U.S. dollars at current prices . Interestingly, Free People Dao only opened in February 2023 , but it has become the most active in the first quarter of this year. The highest Web 3 DAO community has also become one of the Dapps with the most traffic on BSC. According to the current statistics on the chain , 10% of the community members’ income has exceeded 800%, and more than 30% of the members’ income has exceeded 300%. More than 50% of members’ income has exceeded 100%.

In just over two months , the number of daily active users in the community has soared from dozens to 125,000 , and at the same time , the number of Binance People ‘s currency holdings has increased from 1,000+ to 40,000+ now. This kind of user growth The speed is astonishing.

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Behind People’s explosion again , in addition to People ‘s natural advantages , it is also inseparable from the boost of Free People Dao, the People ‘s autonomous community . Like btc , this is an interesting consensus community and the “mysterious power” behind People.

Free People Dao is decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), which is composed of tens of thousands of Web and industry practitioners and other DAO members . Use digital assets (People) to generate real cash flow.

The DAO aims to earn real assets by donating People and establishing a strong consensus community system of Free People Dao . By sponsoring hundreds of thousands of ” People Ecological Co-Builders “, community members gather the power of the global community, the community and Through co-creation, co-construction, co-governance, and sharing among members, the continuous operation of the community is realized, and the long-term development of Free People Dao is jointly created, and the field application of Web 3 is created , Metaverse is enhanced , and DAO governance proposals are provided. And voting system, artificial intelligence customer service GPT system, intelligent AI creation NFT system, and future tools of Web 3 to create the world’s largest virtual world economy, Free People Dao optimizes the resources owned by its community to obtain maximum utility, and with it NFT holders share in the profits of these assets. The participants of this DAO will be the owners and managers of the entire ecosystem of Free People Dao .

Free People Dao donation and operation logic

Free People Dao began with the success of People ‘s circle. During this process, Free People Dao also gradually explored its development logic, that is:

Expand the membership of the DAO community through the slogan ” power belongs to the people ” ;

Help the community establish a stable economic system through the growth of DAO community members ;

through the second ecology , so as to stably obtain the benefits of the second ecology , and continuously stimulate the economy of the first ecology . The most important thing is to have a large number of consensus members and DAO members as the basis. So Free People Dao sums up their mission like this: Free People DAO, rights belong to the people , and realize the road to freedom for all through joint construction ;

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People go out of the circle ?

Constitution DAO is an experiment. Constitution DAO was initiated by several cryptocurrency enthusiasts and was established on November 11, 2021. At first they wanted to raise funds through DAO and go to Sotheby’s auction The meeting went to take pictures of the last U.S. Constitution . As of the 19th , that is, in about a week, this organization crowdfunded nearly 11,000 ETH on JuiceBOX. According to the currency price at that time, it was close to 47 million U.S. dollars, it is a pity that the Constitution DAO finally failed in the auction, and then the copy of the constitution was successfully auctioned by a man named ken Griffin . Then when the Constitution DAO bid failed, the core contributors of the organization announced their closure on the 24th. Constitution DAO ! And said that all donors can apply for a refund of their Ethereum indefinitely, using the People tokens obtained when donating. In exchange for the donated ETH at that time , all refunded People will be destroyed . ( The picture below is the exchange interface)

People become the leader of the DAO organization?

Why is it embraced and recognized by the entire encryption industry ? We are currently in an age of change , especially in the cryptocurrency circle , most people are eager for true decentralization , eager for us to participate in a cause and truly become a member of this cause , we are eager to be respected , And become a member of this community , and really have voting rights and management rights , but now the participants have almost no such right to speak , so DAO ( Decentralized autonomous organization ) appeared , one of its characteristics is through Use blockchain technology to provide a secure digital ledger to track financial interactions across the Internet . Once a distributed autonomous organization is launched, it can operate in an orderly manner without human management behavior . This is what participants need Respect , and People , because of such a simple thing , such a very easy thing to operate, let an ordinary encryption enthusiast have the opportunity to auction the U.S. Constitution , a group of very ordinary people , passed the Such a way of Web 3 , through such a form of DAO , has done an almost impossible thing , they are very close to their dream, that is, when this set of organizational forms and this kind of Web 3 in the future Way , when it is recognized by everyone, everyone can get it through this way , to fulfill your dream!

Even if it didn’t succeed in the end , but the decision of the mechanism , the participants can still return all the donated funds , so his behavior is considered very cool by all the cryptocurrency young people. There are so many people who support ConstitutionDAO, not because of them What is auctioned is the Constitution , but an auction of equality and freedom . The biggest reason is that the mainstream society represented by the US government has discriminated against the cryptocurrency market for a long time, making people yearn for freedom , democracy, equality , and openness . Therefore, DAO will very likely subvert the development of traditional organizational forms in the future. From the above, it can be seen that PEOPLE has very good use value and is the most extensive before application, and it happens to be a collection of DAO, web3. 0 and MEME concepts. Through the labels of “democracy and freedom” and the slogan “of the people, by the people, for the people” given to it by people, an extremely strong market consensus has been formed . Even Twitter CEO Musk posted P ower on social media to the people , its popularity far exceeds that of SHIB back then, which is another proof of the psychological effect of why Bitcoin can survive for more than ten years ; logically speaking, when this DAO is closed , People, as a certificate, will be There are more and more people converting it into this ETH, and they will destroy People , but as of today , there are still a large number of people holding People . It is because of this behavior that people become DAO in their hearts. A representative of , People is preserved to this day .

What Free People Dao did at the beginning was very simple. First of all, it is now a stage of a bear market . We are all very clear that when the bull market comes , most digital assets have a good room for growth , but we want to obtain huge profits . It is necessary to purchase the cryptocurrencies that we recognize . Free People Dao not only allows members to increase the number of People , but once they come to a bull market , they can also obtain a huge increase in income . Then all members will receive huge returns . Free People Dao can participate in donations for ecological participants . After a successful donation , you will become a member of this organization , and you will get different identities in the community according to different contribution values . It will be distributed to all contributors in the community . All income will be distributed on the chain . There is no capital pool deposit , so there is no need to worry about the risk of doing evil . Cash can be withdrawn and credited to the account in seconds . Free People Dao expands through the mechanism Ecological member base , thus highlighting the brand value of Free People Dao .

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Since the bottom layer is the decentralized logic of the blockchain, the assets obtained by the members of the ecology are confirmed with the help of blockchain technology and are completely owned by the members . Therefore, Free People Dao can manage digital assets by setting up smart contract interactive robots in the server. Through this model, Free People Dao has built a systematic industrial chain: with the aggregation of ecological members as the foothold, it is connected in series, including the recruitment of ecological members . , training, non-homogeneous token assets (NFT), member benefits , joint sponsorship , project cooperation , community advertising , participation in airdrops , web 3 tool development , lending and many other businesses come and go to obtain profits .

Free People Dao announced that it will launch the second ecology in June-July and officially become a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization), and issue ecological governance Token, ( the name of the token has not yet been officially announced , the following example is called ABC, which does not mean Official token name) By transforming into a DAO, Free People Dao has reached a new level on the road of grassroots development .

community members or capital predators in the real world can obtain the benefits of ABC by holding Free People Dao NFT , but if they want to get benefits , they must donate through the only way to become a member of the DAO community , This will inevitably enable more DAO community members to obtain more stable income , which will allow Free People Dao to cooperate with more organizations more quickly and obtain profits to distribute the income of community members .


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It should be said that Free People Dao has found a path for rapid development by coordinating users and communities in the encrypted world environment , and more importantly, the model explored by Free People Dao is replicable.

Under the concept of the Free People Dao community , any partner only needs to have the following three characteristics to become a partner worthy of Free People Dao :

that need to develop DAO communities in the Web 3 world

Institutions or communities with their own native Token and virtual economic system

Institutions or communities that have their own non-homogeneous tokens that need to be jointly built by the community

With an ecological reward system, DAO members can obtain Token rewards from institutions or communities by participating in the ecology

These points clearly demonstrate the business logic of Free People Dao :

It must be in the field of Web 3 or DAO , and a native Token is required.

This ensures that the ecological output is in the form of Tokens that DAO members can fully own, needless to say.

This means that in the later ecological construction design, it is necessary to allow Free People Dao to obtain benefits through cooperation , whether it is community ecological co-construction or native Token, so that DAO members can obtain passive income instead of only Relying on capital to generate income ensures that a large number of members of Free People Dao join Free People Dao and have the motivation to enter the ecology .

Finally, and most importantly, there needs to be a fixed digital asset NFT or token in the ecology . This asset is the core resource of the ecology . The most direct meaning of this for Free People Dao is that Free People Dao can be purchased or built through the ecology After obtaining these resources with the lowest chips , they will be distributed to DAO members in exchange for time . With the increase of DAO members and cooperative institutions , the ecological Token liquidity pool will continue to deepen, and then the ecological development will gradually stabilize, and the industry chips and core resources obtained after cooperation will naturally continue to appreciate.

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Free People Dao can choose whether to cooperate based on the feedback from its DAO members and early market predictions , and thus evaluate the relevant underlying network. Assume that Free People Dao chooses 10 projects for cooperation , even if among these projects 90% of them fail completely, but as long as one of them reaches the valuation success level of 100 million US dollars, it is another 7-8 figure income opportunity for Free People Dao , including both cooperation returns and ecological cooperation There are many opportunities in the blockchain for the benefits of holding early tokens , and the valuation of 100 million US dollars .

Free People Dao can not only discover good ecological targets early , but once discovered, the ecological community will become a highly targeted marketing engine for this target , leading DAO members there. Through this approach, Free People Dao will very likely become One of the earliest strategic investors in the Web 3 and DAO industries.

The Second Half of Autonomous Communities and DAOs

DAO, the most important thing is to confirm DAO membership and DAO member education ; and now Free People Dao is still passing the first stage to confirm the second stage DAO membership , and the current concept of DAO, although it is still full of chaos, but Free People The success of Dao has shown us a possibility of the second half of DAO:

On the one hand, the DAO community continues to cultivate and absorb ordinary people into autonomous organizations . The blockchain has finally opened up a landing scenario that allows ordinary people to participate in reality. In the future, I firmly believe that such an organizational form will surely spring up like mushrooms after rain . It is applied to all walks of life , and the success factor of Free People Dao today is not necessarily because of the asset People . If Free People Dao chooses other digital assets instead of People , there is a high probability that it will succeed . A DAO The success , the name of the digital asset , is not the main factor , but the consensus of the ecological co-builders on the concept of DAO , and the consensus and understanding of the ecology of Free People Dao , so based on this concept , there will be many in the future The successful rise of the DAO , if People is the leading asset of the DAO organization , then Free People Dao will definitely become the world’s largest community of the first DAO autonomous organization . On the other hand, it has a sound economic model and is able to retain DAO members With the help of ecology, the model of Free People Dao will become the industry standard, and a more refined DAO model will begin to emerge based on this standard.

In this process, the DAO organization has great potential for development. It has one foot in reality and has been cultivating the growth of ordinary community members through ecology , and the other foot in the virtual web 3 world, where it continues to acquire high-quality virtual assets.

with DAO members can there be a DAO community , and only with a community can strong alliances be made to discover the value brought by the interaction and cooperation between ecology and institutions . This kind of cooperation is no longer just an ordinary participant , but you are in control of everything The real difference lies in project sponsors .

In the second half of DAO, the DAO governance rules established by Free People Dao will continue to enhance the voice of ordinary people in the industry , and will eventually change the current power structure of the blockchain industry. The voice and profit of ecological participation in construction will no longer be Controlled by liquidity pools and ecological developers , the DAO built on blockchain technology will eventually return to the economic model of decentralized power, benefit sharing, and community autonomy.

DAO and Web 3 is an industry driving the future , and by donating to Free People Dao , we can get early access to various Web 3 and DAO projects with a higher than average probability of success .

Free People Dao is effectively building a strong social network of early DAO committees and DAO members . With time and proper incentives, Free People Dao can begin to form these players into a core of Web 3 and DAO organizations Users , just like the early days of BTC , are also like the early days of ETH . In the future , with the Free People Dao Through various cooperations , we have begun to see this logic put into practice, and it will become a bright pearl in the history of web 3 and DAO development in the future .

Other Revenue Channels

Since Free People Dao maintains a direct relationship with hundreds of thousands of DAO members , there is no shortage of possibilities to test and unlock incremental revenue . For example, Free People Dao already has an elite team of airdrop testing: simply put , many blockchains In the earliest stage of the project , a large amount of data interaction is required to test whether the official network is perfect , and participating in the airdrop is the process of participating in the airdrop of the cryptocurrency project to obtain the Token of the project . Within a specific time frame, the project will Tokens are issued free of charge to users who meet certain conditions. These conditions may include holding a certain cryptocurrency or completing certain tasks . Users can obtain project Tokens by participating in airdrop activities, but it should be noted that participating in airdrops also requires caution, so Participation requires sufficient investigation and research to reduce risks . Free People Dao has a large team of scientists who can identify them , so they can lead community members to participate in airdrop activities to obtain additional income . It is understood that there are a large number of ARBs in the previous period The participants all received a few to dozens of ETH, which is not a small amount of income .

In the future, we will look for a team of scientists in the community , and develop an airdrop tutorial for members of the DAO organization , and open the airdrop tutorial to the public , which can bring click income to Free People Dao. Users who are not DAO members can subscribe to relevant information and use the platform token to pay for more airdrop consultation and teaching , these products will explain how to improve your money-making skills (members of different levels of DAO organizations can access for free) , and when the traffic here converges , Free People Dao can receive many Projects from various regions of the world airdrop advertisements and generate revenue ; if you are given a Bitcoin consensus community now , I believe you will also spend a lot of money to obtain these resources .


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We can also foresee that in the future Free People Dao will become the core social layer built on top of Web 3 and DAO ecosystems, or create other value-added products that enhance community gameplay . As Free People Dao continues to develop its Core business, new revenue sources and opportunities will undoubtedly emerge, and through the mechanism of using ABC tokens for governance, these revenues will definitely return to players.


Innovating at the forefront of DAO governance , Free People Dao has proven its future potential through its light-speed user growth, extremely high community member retention rate, and discovery of popular projects . It is expected to see millions of free people will participate in Significant changes in wealth occurred due to Free People Dao .