New opportunity in the prediction market track: Moonquiz launches first ecological prediction application based on FIFA World Cup

The prediction of future events has always been of greater significance, whether it is the prediction of weather, geological disasters, or the prediction of financial markets, event trends, etc., which are expected to allow individuals and organizations to hedge against potential risks and maximize their returns. Looking at Web3 field, it’s easily seen that the […]

The Best Voice-held by Melody- the first ever music contest in metaverse, with over USD $100,000 rewards for you!

Melody, the Web3.0 music social platform, will launch the first ever” The Best Voice!” metaverse music contest on Nov, 2022, with prizes starting at $100,000 USDT! The aim is to become the most successful show in the history of metaverse Web 3.0 space. The co-organizers of the contest include Melody, Dr.Ji, Nswap, Chucky. And its […]

The most worthy investment project‖METAHOUSE yuan universe real estate

With the continuous increase of global epidemic prevention efforts, the overall performance of real estate companies has declined significantly, and supply and demand have been sluggish. And a new field——Metaverse is on fire! The so-called “metaverse” is to integrate extended reality, digital twins, blockchain, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and other technologies to create a virtual world […]

MMMM announces its strategic partnership with JASRAC

MMMM (Make Music Make Mess) established a strategic partnership with JASRAC (Japan Association of Music Composers). All music and videos under the JASRAC have been opened to MMMM for use and granted the license. MMMM is a Web3 social entertainment application based on Social-Fi and Creator-Fi, which aims to provide a decentralized music entertainment platform […]

Dartrader and Greedland reach strategic cooperation

Dartrader and Greedland reach strategic cooperation According to official information, Dartrader and Greedland have reached a strategic cooperation. Greedland is bringing the most innovative idea of Web3 to integrate the traditional and passionate football world into NFT. When the World Cup is coming, Greedland released David ‘CUP NFT to commemorate the first football feast after […]