Will Party Planet become another Eggy Go in Web3?

Eggy Go went viral during the Early 2023 via live streaming platforms. The number of daily active users was over 30 million and the single-month turnover of Eggy Go on the IOS device in March reached 1.8 billion yuan, which had exceeded Genshin Impact. My kid and all of his classmates were addicted to playing […]

Mingle Land has insight into the legend of decentralized culture, allowing the value of Web3.0 to flow freely

On January 31, 2023, Netflix (Netflix) released a trailer for an animated film called “Father and Boy”. Immediately caused an uproar in the industry, this animation co-produced by Japan Nai (Netflix JP) and Japan WIT Studio, Microsoft Xiaobing Japan Branch (rinna) is the first animation in history to use Commercial cartoons with backgrounds generated by […]

BitFiow opens the ice-breaking road of blockchain

BitFiow is a new and highly innovative blockchain ecosystem that aims to build a stable and sustainable digital asset platform. As the core token of the ecosystem, the introduction of the AR chain token BFW will promote the future development of the project. The strength of the platform lies in its impressive blockchain ecosystem, providing users with […]

Elon Musk’s Controversial Vision Sparks a Revolution in the Sperm Bank Industry

Elon Musk, the visionary entrepreneur, sparks controversy once again, this time with his thought-provoking ideas about the future of the sperm bank industry. One business, the Gilia Project (www.giliaproject.com), emerges as a pioneer, revolutionizing the landscape with cutting-edge technology. Let’s delve deeper into how this innovative project is reshaping the industry and providing a unique […]

Ebay aims at the Web3.0 sector and benefits the new global economy

Web3.0 Decentralized hybrid contract trading platform —— creates a new field of block finance! Ebay2023 June 20, shock, the global issuance of 1 million tokens, the final deflation destroyed to 10,000, unprecedented millions of communities together, super capital to support, incomparable competitive advantage! Ebay is a decentralized hybrid contract trading platform deployed on arbitrum and […]

Talking about the popular sector Layer2, why is the layout of the encryption industry so?

Last week, an English Twitter SPACE with the theme “Looking for opportunities of ZK Rollup (Looking for ZK Rollup opportunities)” attracted widespread attention from overseas cryptocurrency circles. The reason why this SPACE has attracted much attention is not only because several high-quality projects in the industry were invited to speak as guests, but the deeper […]