Infinite future, live up to expectations: The WEALTH Asia Pacific Interplanetary Consensus Summit and WEALTH Asia Pacific Launch Conference concluded successfully


On April 25, 2023, “Infinite Future, Live up to expectations” WEALTH Asia Pacific Interstellar Consensus Summit and WEALTH Asia Pacific Launch Conference was held in Bangkok, Thailand. This event gathered hundreds of well-known blockchain project parties, investment institutions and industry leaders from the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Singapore, China, South Korea, Japan, the Philippines, Malaysia and other places, but also attracted a large number of community members and blockchain enthusiasts, hundreds of media around the world simultaneously live broadcast the event.

The launch will have three points of view: “Witness the Launch of WEALTH Asia Pacific”, “CEO announces future Major events and good news” and “CTO tells the Secrets of WEALTH Lending Technology”, can not only enjoy the traditional Bangkok song and dance performance, but also witness the unprecedented grand ceremony of WEALTH launch ceremony. From beginning to end, we witnessed the grand launch of WEALTH Asia Pacific, a new generation of credit pledge platform that will change the global financial distribution model.


Cocktail area of top wedding banquet hall, beautiful warm-up music, delicious western-style buffet food, create a good atmosphere for cordial conversation among guests, the scene is People Mountain People Sea and lively. After a traditional Thai dance performance, the emcee warmly welcomes the guests and introduces the heavyweight guests.

Mr Maxwell Connor, founder of the Hopp Foundation, then took the stage to speak as chief executive of Wales worldwide about the origins and significance of the Hopp Foundation, because of his love of astronomy and his long-term observations of the universe, the regularity and smooth motion of the stars inspired him to think that in order to deal with the shackles of traditional financial capital controls, to break out of the traditional model of credit provision, leaders like the Hope Foundation were required to distinguish themselves, and so they decided to apply the logic of the universe, combined with modern commercial finance theory, to sort out and reconstruct the complex financial environment.


At the conference, Mr. Maxwell Connor announced that the Hope Foundation will develop the next generation of decentralized exchange based on zkSync, creating a decentralized financial platform based on zkSync, to provide users with the best trading experience, not only support spot and contract trading, but also support a wide range of financial services such as lending, options, social trading. Not only that, the upcoming decentralized exchange has received financial support from the world’s top investment institutions, and has established partnerships with several well-known blockchain projects and institutions.

In recognition of the presence of the distinguished guests, Mr. Maxwell Connor prepared an honorable reward gift for the outstanding leaders, giving each leader of the community a personal passport of St. Lucia. He ended his speech by calling on the many people who are still under the oppression of capital to wake up and fight for and pay for the precious freedom and justice. Mr. Maxwell Connor’s passionate speech touched the audience, which received a spontaneous standing ovation.

Then, Mr. Brues. Nick, CTO of WEALTH Global, gave a speech and shared the core technology of WEALTH lending. In the lending module of WEALTH, WEALTH uses Rollup expansion technology, introduces a new transaction type Blob, and integrates a large number of items on the chain, including cryptocurrency trading, lending, derivatives, NFT trading, mortgage interest collection and other protocols; Mr. Brues. Nick also announced that the Hope Foundation will soon launch a decentralized perpetual-contract trading platform, having completed some of the top-level research and development.


Later, in a flurry of lively interaction, the conference came to an official end. With the assistance of the guests and relevant institutions, the WEALTH Asia Pacific Interstellar Consensus Summit and WEALTH Asia Pacific Launch Conference was successfully held.

Today, with the development of blockchain technology, people have transitioned from the era of equity assets to the era of digital assets. In the future, digital assets will become an important category of asset allocation and become the “hot spot” in many fields. A big opportunity to create, issue, store and trade digital assets is coming.

The birth of WEALTH will lead us into a new world of digital assets, redefine the way human assets are distributed, and open a new era of wealth management.

The future has come, everything is in WEALTH.