Cashel Financial Investment Corporation: Spearheading the Future of Innovative Investments

Cashel Financial Investment Corporation (CFIC) is an investment company primarily focusing on blockchain technology, contributing to the realization of decentralization. By adopting cutting-edge technologies and innovative approaches, CFIC excels in identifying profitable ventures and offering clients top-notch investment solutions. A notable aspect of their portfolio is their foray into blockchain investments, recognizing the potential of […]

Wealth Information | SNARK’s April 1 United States·New York Roadshow will start soon, focusing on billions of wealth business opportunities!

According to official reports: Ethereum 2.0 ecological network SNARK will conduct a roadshow in New York, USA on April 1. This roadshow will bring together elites, well-known entrepreneurs, experts, scholars, ecological partners, and investors from all over the world and various industries around the world. Institutions and media representatives gathered together to discuss opportunities for […]

MERRILL Exclusive Sponsor|The 2023 Hong Kong Web3 Influence Innovation Summit ended successfully!

On March 28th, it was named and empowered by MERRILL, sponsored by Shenzhen Information Service Industry Blockchain Association, co-hosted by Asia-Pacific Blockchain Association, Hong Kong Blockchain Association, Cointime, co-organized by SoftBank Global Holdings Group and ProTradex, and hot The “2023 Hong Kong Web3 Influence Innovation Summit” hosted by Chain Culture Media was successfully held at […]

The Consensus Reconstructs the World, and the WEALTH Launch Conference ended successfully

On March 25, 2023, the WEALTH launch conference was grandly held in Switzerland, Europe. With the theme of “Infinite Future, Live Up to Expectations”, the conference was jointly organized by the Hope Foundation and WEALTH officials. Many global blockchain industry investment institutions, technical teams, communities, media, blockchain enthusiasts, and investment hobbies Those who come to the […]

Unlimited future, live up to expectations: WEALTH kick-off conference will be held in Switzerland

On March 25th, WEALTH will hold a kick-off meeting in Switzerland, Europe. At that time, the press conference will warmly invite global blockchain industry investment institutions, technical teams, communities, media, blockchain enthusiasts, investment enthusiasts and other celebrities, KOLs and industry elites to attend and discuss blockchain together. The development direction and new opportunities of financial reform […]