WallStreet wolves opens up finance and makes assets boundless

There are two problems under the current financial system. The first is the efficiency problem. The cumbersome centralized transaction procedures will inevitably affect the transaction efficiency; The second is security. The current trust model of the financial system is not enough to have the trust of the public. As a solution to the trust problem, […]

Torah’s Title Contributes to the Successful Conclusion of “WEB3 and Data Storage Global Development Summit

On August 23, 2022, sponsored by Web3 Infrastructure Technology Federation, named by Torah, co-hosted by Chinese Information Network, Torah Chinese Language Hall, and Evangelistic Finance, MO Capital (US), SparkLabs, Distributed Fog Database, ChatPay, Foggy Swap , MetaHero, MetaPlayer, Meta X strategic support, China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute, China National People’s Association Distributed Storage […]

AMA of ApeParkDAO (Round 2)

AMA of ApeParkDAO (Round 2) Bycryptocnn  AUG 21, 2022  ama, apeparkdao, round Topic: Redefining the savings incentive model, can ApeParkDAO become a Web3 financial leader? Q1: For the first question of the AMA, let’s start by asking you to introduce ApeParkDAO to the new listeners of this AMA. ApeParkDAO is a Web 3 Savings Token Appreciation Protocol initiated […]

Boil it up! The battle of the quadratic element breakthrough! — — ANIMETA

Globally, there is that one amazing nation that has conquered the world through anime.In comic books and on screen, this nation is embodied with a series of traits such as hot-bloodedness, middle-agedness, bravery, fighting, and dreaming. With the passage of time, the hit “Doraemon”, “Naruto”, “King of Thieves”, “Dragon Ball”, and “Ultraman”, has become an […]

Yungou.io equity token YGM casting channel and opensea area have been opened

With the maturity of encryption technology, the NFT market has gradually become popular in the application exploration of the collision between blockchain and various traditional industries, and has spawned the birth of countless digital artworks, Punk avatars and encrypted collection markets. With the continuous expansion of the NFT market scale and the continuous doubling of […]

The NFT GAMER trading platform is about to go into private beta ——【TECH APE】series IP·The first time to sell

Since 2021,NFT Digital Collections Market be raging like a storm…. Though the data analysis: In May 200,the trading volume of the NFT market exceeded $24 billion ,a record high with a growth rate of 20% compared with January and the number of on-chain transactions exceeded 9 million. Despite the bear market was coming,the NFT trading market […]

SEIDD is a Turing-complete blockchain underlying protocol

Seidd public chain has started global registration and promotion on July 31, 2022. Seidd makes trust easier. Seidd is a customizable and Turing complete underlying basic agreement of blockchain. Seidd is composed of micro kernel and functional modules. Through the stripping of events and services, it realizes a highly modular underlying architecture, provides operating mechanisms […]