Fortune Bank Global IDO will be officially launched

Fortune Bank’s global IDO stage has been deeply loved by the market after nearly 6 months of internal testing, and the acceptance is very high. It has established a very good trust foundation for FBIDO and opened a very good start for 300,000+ traffic. In February 2023, the mechanism of 200 genesis nodes will be […]

The light of the Web3.0 public chain, deconstructing the value capture of BFChain, the dark horse of the public chain!

In recent years, benefiting from the rapid development of information technology in the digital age, the scale of the global digital economy has continued to expand. The emergence of the new crown epidemic has made global economic growth sluggish. However, even under the situation of insufficient development momentum in emerging economies, the digital economy is still […]

JPEX |What are the functions and discounts of JPEX Exchange? Perfect asset holdings!

Despite the ongoing bear market, the JPEX exchange continues to expand its territories of operations, and constantly upgrades and optimizes its website functions so that desktop and mobile users can enjoy better technological resources. To ensure that clients’ funds are safe, JPEX followed in the footsteps of other mainstream cryptocurrency exchanges by providing PROOF OF CAPITAL RESERVES to allay […]

The 2023 Ecological Consensus Conference and the ProTradex Platform Launch Conference were successfully held in Bangkok

On February 17, 2023, the 2023 Ecological Consensus Conference and Protradex platform launch conference ended successfully in Bangkok, Thailand. The conference is based on the theme of application ecology to explore the new direction of Protradex’s ecological development, explore the opportunities and challenges faced under the development of the new period, jointly promote the high […]

SZR digital person, the new upstart in the global market

The SZR public chain of digital people is the world’s first public bottom public chain of digital people. It is a digital character image created by using digital technology and close to human image. It is a new technological revolution in human history. SZR has attracted strong attention from global blockchain enthusiasts since its launch, […]

Meet at the top, focus on Web3 | Smart Finance was invited to participate in the offline conference of “WEB3 BUILDER MEETUP” in Sydney

On February 9th, “WEB3 BUILDER MEETUP” was held in Sydney. Smart Finance was invited to attend this Meet Up offline meeting, and discussed cutting-edge topics such as “2023 Web3.0 New Trends” and “Web3.0 Industry Landing” with many industry experts Start a heated discussion. Hosted by Observe Labs, this conference is an offline exchange gathering for […]

More than 20,000 listeners in a Twitter Space hosted by Web3 OG Developer Ke Xu

“Although decentralized social networking is inextricably linked to the censorship mechanism, decentralised social networking will inevitably lead to the decentralization of information.” Ke Xu When veteran Web3 developer Xu Ke held a Twitter Space event on the evening of February 6th with a number of KOLs and industry heavyweights, the audience size reached 23,625 listeners. […]