A new role model: YGPT.AI takes the lead in coordinated innovation in the global AIGC industry chain

Artificial Intelligence is unequivocally one of the fastest growing and most dynamic technologies of today. AI is at the cusp of bringing tremendous change and value to a large cross-spectrum of industries. Yet, deployment of AI also poses significant challenges as rolling out the technology on a large-scale requires solid computing power support and intelligent interaction. Addressing the real-world challenges that come with AI, its deployment and mechanisms is the core competency of YGPT and what it does best.

YGPT is a Silicon Valley-based AI company founded in 2021 by a pool of seasoned AI developers whose shared vision is to provide efficient, accessible, and smart AI services to users worldwide.


YGPT plans to launch two pioneering products in 2023: YGPT Cloud and YGPT Assistant. YGPT Cloud is a computing power platform at enterprise level. It enables users to utilize YGPT’s high-performance GPU clusters online to obtain up to 2PFLOPS of computing power. The product will be well positioned to meet the increasing strong demand seen for AI training, scientific computing, and commercial application.

YGPT Assistant is an AI-empowered private assistant application for personal users.
It features natural language understanding, machine learning, and knowledge mapping technology. YGPT Assistant enables natural human-computer interaction with users through voice or virtual images, and provides customized services such as information inquiry, life assistance, and intelligent control.

As a global leader of virtual AI interaction technology, YGPT has developed industry-leading technology in the field of virtual algorithms and machine learning.

YGPT’s AI virtualization technology and collection model provides intelligent assistance for individual users in various scenarios of life and work. As one of the three world-leading companies in virtual interaction in the AL field, YGPT boasts the most cutting-edge ML virtual algorithms in the industry, allowing YGPT Assistant to deliver outstanding performance. YGPT’s AI-empowered personal assistant products use natural language processing, machine learning, and knowledge mapping technologies to understand users’ natural language and provide services such as information inquiry, timing reminders, and intelligent control, bringing users an unprecedented human-computer interaction experience.


Technical architecture of YGPT Assistant

YGPT Assistant adopts the GPT-4 language model, allowing remote access for fine-tuning and human-machine dialogue. It features preset avatars with rich knowledge, capable to anthropomorphize human-like daily conversations.

Relying on GPT-4 technology to generate coherent responses, comprehend language, complex reasoning, and simulate human thinking, it’s able to continuously iterate, absorb knowledge, improve language skills, and make dynamic adjustments to meet conversational needs. The YGPT Assistant understands users, accompanies them, and makes their lives easy and pleasant.

Backed on many years of know-how and innovation, YGPT is leading the AI industry into a new era with its superior products and technologies. Committed to its mission of “Enabling better life through technological innovation”, YGPT is using superb AI technology to make users’ life easier, smarter, and better.