Alyx Union Successfully Hosts Online Global Event, Sets Stage for Future Innovations and Growth

Alyx Union, a trailblazer in the blockchain space, has successfully concluded its highly anticipated online global event, bringing together blockchain enthusiasts and industry experts from around the world. Jointly established by aelfUnion, Loop Wallet and LYNK, the event marked a significant milestone for Alyx Union as they announced their strategic partnership and the commencement of […]

RIYON FOUNDATION: Practice new energy investment and lead new trends in the capital market

With the rise of the low-carbon concept, the public’s awareness of environmental protection and energy conservation is increasing. Against this background, the new energy industry is in a stage of vigorous development, energy conservation and environmental protection are promoted globally, and global investment in new energy is increasing. According to the latest statistics from Bloomberg New […]

“Space AI” leads the trillion-dollar AI market, and a new Web3.0 super platform is coming!

With the continuous leap of AI artificial intelligence technology, AI+ has become an irreversible trend. We are gradually entering a new era of intelligence. AI artificial intelligence is leading a new round of global technological revolution and industrial transformation. The application of AI+ is It will profoundly change all aspects of human life and work, […]

BURNING——A converged platform leading the new era of artificial intelligence

In today’s digital age, the rise of artificial intelligence has changed our lifestyles, business models, and future prospects. In this moment full of opportunities, Beiling quickly emerged and became the world’s leading converged artificial intelligence platform. Belling’s mission and goal is to establish a sustainable incentive ecosystem driven by Web 3.0 to promote collaboration and integration among […]

In the era of Blockchain 3.0, can the innovative concept of TravelFi, built on the GoMars platform, inject new vitality into the industry?

Blockchain Technology Entering the 3.0 Era In the post-pandemic era, the global digitization process is accelerating rapidly. The widespread adoption of mobile communication, internet technology, and various digital applications worldwide is also on the rise. The pandemic has propelled the growth of the internet economy and revealed the value of the digital economy. The origin […]

aelfUnion Global Launch Event: Pioneering Innovative Solutions for the Next Generation of Blockchain

Hong Kong, 25 September 2023 – With a successful launch event, aelfUnion has firmly staked its claim in the blockchain sphere, illustrating its ambitious goals and steadfast resolve in setting industry standards. Revelations and Milestones The event brought together community members from more than 10 countries worldwide, and delivered insightful and exciting updates on aelfUnion’s mission […]

AIX Galaxy Era: Create a decentralized pre-training data trading market with unlimited possibilities

In the world of artificial intelligence, the importance of pre-training data is self-evident. They are the basis of AI models, the source of AI intelligence, and the key to the infinite possibilities that AI gives us. Because of this, we present to you the AIX Galaxy Era stage—a decentralized data trading market specially prepared for AI pre-training. […]

aelfUnion Joins aelf as its Latest Block Producer

aelfUnion recently announced its integration as a block producer (BP) within the aelf network, marking a significant milestone for both aelfUnion and aelf in the blockchain sector. “Our collaboration with the aelf network represents a unified vision for a progressive blockchain future,” commented a spokesperson from aelfUnion. “Leveraging aelf’s advanced technology empowers us to help bolster the […]