Exploring the BTA Protocol: A Decentralized Ecosystem Protocol Based on BTC

In the world of WEB3.0, innovation serves as the primary driving force behind development. With the continuous evolution and updating of blockchain technology, fundamental technologies of public blockchains are being perfected, and a plethora of cryptocurrency protocols are emerging, bringing new opportunities and challenges to the market. Today, I want to introduce you to a […]

REACHINE A NEW MILESTONE! All Universe Unveils New Plans for 2024!

All Universe announced its latest development plans for Q2-Q4 of 2024. In the coming quater, the All Universe team plans to implement a series of key strategies to further drive the construction of its application ecosystem, strengthen collaboration with industry partners and deepen its global market impact through innovative marketing strategies. Regarding the platform’s future […]

Shocking Incident Unveiled in South Korea! Mysterious Son of North Korean High Official Enters the Country, Rattle the Blockchain Market

In late March, a man named Charles Lee was taken away by the South Korean police, triggering a massive shockwave in the cryptocurrency community. To this day, there is widespread speculation about the background and identity of this mysterious individual, and the valid reason for his apprehension remains undisclosed. Currently, available information indicates that Charles […]

Founder of the MissWeb3 Competition, Charles Lee, Surrounded by Mysteries, Faces Accusations of Being a Top-level Fraudster in South Korea

On April 12, a shocking incident took place on the streets of a renowned wealthy district in South Korea. Amid numerous luxury cars, a man was seen smashing a red Ferrari in public, attracting people’s attention. The man appeared extremely angry, continuously uttering curses, seemingly related to the ongoing MissWeb3 competition. According to insiders close […]

Miss Web3 Korean Station Incident: Li Yunfeng’s Coup Attempt Exposed

Amid global attention, the Miss Web3 global debut in Seoul, South Korea, showcased significant commercial value, attracting participation from MCN agencies and internet companies from multiple countries. The unexpectedly high demand placed immense pressure on the event organizers, necessitating an expansion of talent to handle the sudden surge in cooperation needs. 1. Charles Lee Delegates […]

Kiki World, a Web3 Beauty Company Recently Announced $7 Million of Seed Round, Aims to Become Miss Web3’s Biggest Sponsor?

The integration of Web3 technology and values is becoming a new path for many traditional industries to break through bottlenecks and rapidly expand their reach. Players in the medical aesthetics industry are also working towards this goal. According to a PR Newswire report, on April 9th, US time, Web3 beauty startup Kiki World announced the […]