DARTrader co-founder Roy attended Metaverse Asia EXPO 2022 and delivered a speech

On October 21st, 2022, DARTrader was invited to attend Metaverse Asia Expo 2022 – the world’s first live Metaverse Asia Expo to offer MUlti-Metaverse, Gamified and Use-Case experiences. DARTrader is an NFT trading platform founded by the DART (Decentral Arts) team. It has rich resources of world-class artists, as well as super-large and iconic IP cooperation channels. […]

FTA1 rocked the world, officially launching at 14:15 Vietnam time on 31st October

FTA1 creates an open, fair, traceable, transparent and credible decentralised aggregation ecosystem through cross-generation blockchain technology. With the concept of trading as dividends and trading as mining to create an innovative coin exchange, subverting DEFI and reshaping the WEB 3.0 financial ecology! FTA1 has a total issue of 300 million pieces, permission to discard and […]

Dr. Colin, on behalf of DARTrader, jointly supported the first Asian Metaverse Expo

On behalf of the chairman of the Blockchain Industry Analyst Association, the co-founder of DARTrader, the partner of the Gold Star Global Opportunity Limited Partnership Fund, the organizer of the Ethereum Asia community, and the New Monetary Put up, many well-known institutions jointly supported the first Asian Metaverse Expo (Metaverse Expo) Asia Expo) will be […]

Cactus Protocol quantitative aggregation transaction, the next trading giant

With the continuous development of the blockchain world, crypto assets have become a hot investment object, the trading demand is increasing, and the competition among major exchanges is becoming increasingly fierce. However, due to the different trading conditions of different exchanges, various information differences have emerged in crypto transactions. For the market pain point of […]

DARTrader exhibited the world’s first NFT ATM at Digital Art Fair Xperience Hong Kong

On October 20, DARTrader was invited to attend Digital Art Fair Xperience Hong Kong 2022. The exhibition will transform the 20,000-square-foot Central venue into an engaging and interactive high-tech Web 3.0 art experience. Thousands of digital artworks will be showcased at Digital Art Fair Xperience Hong Kong 2022. DARTrader is an NFT trading platform founded […]

Cactus Protocol quantitative aggregation trading platform, helping to innovate the traditional trading market

In 2020, worries about the depreciation of real assets prompted more investors and mainstream investment institutions to turn to crypto assets. In 2021, as the trading volume of cryptocurrency continues to rise, more and more mainstream institutions will use cryptocurrency as asset allocation, and the rising Token price will further boost the enthusiasm of investors. […]