“Space AI” leads the trillion-dollar AI market, and a new Web3.0 super platform is coming!

With the continuous leap of AI artificial intelligence technology, AI+ has become an irreversible trend. We are gradually entering a new era of intelligence. AI artificial intelligence is leading a new round of global technological revolution and industrial transformation. The application of AI+ is It will profoundly change all aspects of human life and work, bring more opportunities and innovation space to all walks of life, and the social and economic structure will also undergo tremendous changes. Complying with the trend of AI transformation is already the general trend.

A strong debut! Space AI connects AI and Web3 for an infinite future

Space AI is a Web3 super platform that integrates social attributes, various AI applications, cartography, intelligent communication, as well as AI quantification and asset management. Based on powerful algorithm models and personal in-depth models, combined with practical application needs, Space AI is committed to promoting the realization of The large-scale popularization and application of AI technology in personal social life and work provide humans with a more high-quality and innovative lifestyle through AI technology.


The current application ecology of Space AI includes light social networking, AI tool set, AI quantification, encryption wallet, Swap transaction, GameFi & Metaverse. Build the core competitiveness of the platform through diversified ecology, achieve structural innovation that combines virtual and real economies, and develop and empower the Web3 industry in the future to awaken the dormant vitality of the world economy.

Multiple dimensions! Space AI launches practical AI products

The practicality of implementation determines how far the product can go. Space AI first focuses on the core demands of current users for AI and launches AI applications and derivative functions that are both practical and futuristic.

1) AI toolset

Space AI’s AI intelligent toolset brings together current mainstream AI applications, including AI dialogue and chat, AI production painting, AI language translation, etc.

2) AI quantification

Space AI has a quantitative investment income section driven by artificial intelligence technology, aiming to provide users with a new income path. Users can earn daily income by purchasing AI quantitative contracts. The more they invest, the more income they will receive. The more they are promoted, the higher the level, and the faster the income will be earned.

3) Crypto wallet function

The built-in encryption wallet is a blockchain digital asset management tool that provides users with safe and trustworthy digital asset management services.

4) Swap transaction

The platform provides encrypted asset trading functions, allowing users to trade and exchange digital assets on the same platform.

5) GameFi&NFT Metaverse

Users can access on-chain games and applications directly on the platform, providing users with more entertainment and investment opportunities. Subsequent platform coins will be empowered through exclusive NFT IP to further build the Space AI NFT metaverse, while also providing users with investment and collection opportunities.


SAT+SASC dual-currency economic ecology: a bridge connecting innovation and value

In the GPT-AI ecosystem, the dual currency system of Space AI Token (SAT) and Space AI Sub-Coin (SASC) plays a key node connecting innovation and value. As the core token of the platform, SAT promotes the stable development of the entire ecosystem. By participating in AI quantitative gameplay, users can obtain SAT tokens, which can be used for various services and transactions within the platform. In addition, the SASC token, as an ecological sub-coin, is not only used for ecological maintenance and governance of Space AI, but also participates in various application scenarios on the platform, such as NFT transactions, etc., providing more empowerment for SAT’s value-added potential.

AI artificial intelligence is driving the continued progress of future science and technology and expanding the infinite boundaries of future society. The new era of AI economy has arrived, and Space AI is working hard to help more people seamlessly and smoothly integrate into the new era. Are you ready to embrace the new era of AI?