BURNING——A converged platform leading the new era of artificial intelligence

In today’s digital age, the rise of artificial intelligence has changed our lifestyles, business models, and future prospects. In this moment full of opportunities, Beiling quickly emerged and became the world’s leading converged artificial intelligence platform. Belling’s mission and goal is to establish a sustainable incentive ecosystem driven by Web 3.0 to promote collaboration and integration among various industries, create optimal artificial intelligence solutions and data sets, and allow data resource parties, application developers, and operators to Platform resource parties and users can freely publish and use their own resources and applications in this blockchain.

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Beiling’s vision: Build a Web 3.0 cloud platform with abundant computing power

Web3.0 represents the next evolutionary stage of the Internet, in which blockchain and decentralized technologies play a key role. Beiling’s vision is to build a Web 3.0 cloud platform with sufficient computing power to create a stable and smooth base for the development of the AI ​​digital world. Under the premise of ensuring safety, fairness and performance, computing power will be easier to obtain and transfer, thereby building a benign ecosystem, motivating more people to participate in the development and implementation of artificial intelligence applications, and promoting artificial intelligence in the field of trustworthiness, Develop in a reliable environment.

Beiling’s core capabilities: powerful AI models and natural language processing

Through its powerful AI model library, model fine-tuning and customization capabilities, Transform Chat toolkit, model sharing and community collaboration culture, Belling has built Belling’s top AI aggregation architecture to provide world-class artificial intelligence to various industries. solution. Its natural language processing (NLP) technologies, such as the AIGC generation algorithm, Transformer model, GAN generative adversarial network, normalized flow model (NFS), and variable differential autoencoder (VAE), give Belling unique capabilities for evaluation and measurement Quality of generated content. This provides users with efficient and precise tools to better understand and leverage natural language data.

Beiling ecological chain: Beiling public computing system and E/acc effective acceleration solution

Belling’s public computing power system is mainly composed of two parts: edge computing and inclusive support for standardized computing power. This ecological chain not only supports Beiling’s core business, but also provides abundant opportunities for partners and developers to jointly promote the development of the field of artificial intelligence.

E/acc Effective Acceleration Program, E/acc is the abbreviation of “Effective Accelerationism”, a philosophical thought that integrates biological, physical, economic and social theories, emphasizing the integration of adaptability, evolution, intelligence and Acceleration as a universal principle in the universe.

Belling’s e/acc effective acceleration plan will start from the well-being of all mankind, and will emphasize technological innovation on the path of implementation, allowing everyone to promote and participate in technological progress in various forms.

Token Economics: Dual Currency Model of Stable Coin BSDT + Governance Coin BEL

Belling’s token economics is the core of its ecosystem, including the stable currency BSDT and the governance currency BEL.

BSDT is a stable currency within the Behring ecosystem. Just like the US dollar’s status as a world currency, it is circulated globally and widely used. It is also a solid bridge to ensure the security of your assets.

The total issuance of BSDT is 1 billion pieces, and 5 million pieces will be circulated for the first time, which can be exchanged for USDT at 1:1.

The total issuance of BEL tokens is 21 million, and 100% of the mining output will be destroyed, which will eventually deflate to 210,000.

BEL is not only used to purchase AI services and applications, but also serves as a deposit for enterprises to access Beiling’s decentralized platform services. In addition, users who hold BEL tokens can also enjoy exclusive discounts on transaction fees, participate in voting for currency listing, and become part of Beiling’s global partners.

Beiling’s application scenarios: serving needs in multiple fields

Beiling’s technology and services cover various fields, including but not limited to the education industry, advertising and marketing, game production, tourism industry, medical industry, financial industry and e-commerce industry. In the field of education, Behring’s artificial intelligence technology can provide personalized learning experiences. In advertising and marketing, it can help companies better understand user needs and behaviors. In game production, Behring’s model can generate rich virtual world content. No matter which industry it is in, Belling provides enterprises with efficient and innovative solutions, effectively promoting the development of all walks of life.

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Conclusion: Beiling – new infrastructure with increased computing power, leading a new era of AI

As the world’s leading aggregate artificial intelligence platform, Beiling not only has advanced technology and a powerful model library, but also has a clear vision in terms of token economics and ecological chain construction. Belling is committed to promoting the new era of artificial intelligence, accelerating the construction of new computing power infrastructure, and providing a solid foundation for the Web 3.0 era to meet the growing demand for AI. Whether it is education, advertising, games or medical care, Belling creates opportunities in different fields, leads the technological revolution, and brings unlimited possibilities to the future.