RIYON FOUNDATION: Practice new energy investment and lead new trends in the capital market

With the rise of the low-carbon concept, the public’s awareness of environmental protection and energy conservation is increasing. Against this background, the new energy industry is in a stage of vigorous development, energy conservation and environmental protection are promoted globally, and global investment in new energy is increasing.

According to the latest statistics from Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF), more than 130 countries around the world will spend US$755 billion (approximately 4.7 trillion yuan) on deploying low-carbon energy technologies in 2023, a year-on-year increase of 27%, with nearly half of the investment occurring in Asia (China 35%, the United States 15%, other countries 26%, the United Kingdom and France 4%, Japan 3%, India, South Korea, Brazil 2%, Spain 1%).

Although the current new energy industry is developing rapidly and is quite large, it is still in the early stage of development. No matter from the perspective of market size calculation or technological upgrading, there is still a lot of room for progress and development in the future. In this century-old era of great changes, new energy, a national strategic industry, must be developed. The most promising and explosive areas for future global economic development are new energy-related industries. From a long-term perspective, not participating in new energy now is equivalent to I didn’t buy a house 20 years ago.

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RINERGY Market Maker Program

In this era, RIYON FOUNDATION is based on the new energy innovation trend, and jointly with DEWA Dubai Energy Bureau, innovatively launched the RINERGY market maker plan, integrating new energy with the Web3 concept, and launching a new business path. The launch of the RINERGY market maker plan aims to create a win-win foundation for all parties, realize the integration of market circulation and circulation, and jointly create a global win-win ecological market maker through the participation of the foundation. The foundation mainly focuses on creating energy value and providing a platform that combines blockchain and energy that everyone can participate in, so that the general public can contribute to energy creation and gain benefits in the process of participation.

In the RINERGY ecosystem, when users hold platform energy products, they not only hold a digital asset (NFT), but also hold the platform’s “dividend rights”, that is, “shares”. This kind of digital asset is different from equity. The combination is the best presentation of the concept of “equal rights for currencies and stocks”. Investors continue to trade energy NFTs in the RINERGY ecosystem and earn profits. They are actually making markets for the platform and showing the value of the entire project. This is also the ultimate goal of RIYON FOUNDATION launching the RINERGY market maker plan—— Take projects to market and gain massive market capitalization.

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Practice new energy investment and lead the capital market

In the new energy track layout, Ruiyang Foundation is not only a leading investor, but also a leader. We believe that new energy is not only the direction of the future, but also the engine of global economic development and the cornerstone of building a sustainable business future. Through our continuous investment and unremitting efforts, we are committed to shaping a more environmentally friendly, efficient and intelligent energy world.

The launch of the RINERGY market maker plan is not only Ruiyang Foundation’s firm belief in the development of the new energy industry, but also an important exploration for us in leading new trends in the capital market. We know that the market value management and expansion of projects are crucial to the healthy development of the industry. Therefore, we innovatively introduced the market maker mechanism to create greater value and wider recognition for the project.

In the future, we will deepen our layout to ensure sustainable growth of the project. We firmly believe that on the journey of new energy investment, Ruiyang Foundation will continue to play a leading role, continue to expand innovative paths, continue to promote industrial progress, and bring new vitality and hope to the global energy field.