Alyx Union Successfully Hosts Online Global Event, Sets Stage for Future Innovations and Growth

Alyx Union, a trailblazer in the blockchain space, has successfully concluded its highly anticipated online global event, bringing together blockchain enthusiasts and industry experts from around the world. Jointly established by aelfUnion, Loop Wallet and LYNK, the event marked a significant milestone for Alyx Union as they announced their strategic partnership and the commencement of a united venture towards pioneering advancements in the Web3 ecosystem.

Alyx Union is set to launch its groundbreaking initiative: the development of Alyx Chain – a new Layer 1 EVM blockchain network, distinguished by its exceptional transaction speeds, significantly lower transaction costs, and the implementation of advanced zero-knowledge technology. The group revealed that the testnet for its budding blockchain network will be unveiled next month, which was met with great enthusiasm and anticipation from the community.

The Global Event showcased a series of insightful sharing by key representatives of Alyx Union including the Heads of Growth from the International, Greater China, and Korean sectors. Their insights highlighted the Union’s strategic focus and its dedication to driving innovation and progress. They also emphasized the Union’s commitment to harnessing their collective knowledge, expertise and resources to lead the charge in the development of technological breakthroughs and decentralised applications that will be beneficial in meeting the evolving needs of users within a dynamic Web3 environment.

In an exciting addition to the event, the CEOs of LYNK and Loop Wallet also delivered thought-provoking and valuable perspectives on the evolving blockchain landscape as well as their respective development plans in the SocialFi and digital asset management arena. Both expressed a commitment to creating a more open, secure and user-empowered digital space.

Looking forward to building on this momentum, Alyx Union has also announced its upcoming Year-End Celebration event, to be held from December 8th to 10th in Hong Kong. This event promises to be a grand affair, celebrating the group’s achievements this year with its community members and outline the Union’s vision and roadmap for the future. Attendees can look forward to a series of engaging activities, including a blockchain forum with leaders from leading blockchain projects and keynote presentations by the Union’s visionary leaders on groundbreaking Union projects and community-focused initiatives.

The Global Event, attended by thousands of attendees from around the world, demonstrated Alyx Union’s formidable position in the blockchain industry and laid the foundation for its future growth and expansion.

About Alyx Union

Alyx Union stands at the forefront of blockchain innovation, uniting top-tier projects and companies to propel the Web3 domain forward. Central to its ethos is a deep-seated commitment to both community engagement and technological progression, while harnessing the varied expertise of its members to collaboratively shape the future of blockchain. A key focus is the development of Alyx Chain, an EVM-compatible Layer 1 blockchain network, epitomizing the Union’s dedication to delivering state-of-the-art solutions that adapt to the dynamic needs of the blockchain ecosystem.