The WEALTH Asia Pacific Launch Conference was successfully held in Thailand. The Hope Foundation will build an integrated ecosystem of on-chain finance

On the evening of April 25, 2023, WEALTH Asia Pacific Interstellar Consensus Summit and WEALTH Asia Pacific Launch Conference was held with the theme of “Unlimited Future, Live up to Expectations”. In addition to the launch ceremony of WEALTH Asia Pacific, Mr. Maxwell Connor, founder of Hope Foundation, And Mr. Brues.Nick, CTO of WEALTH Global, both delivered key speeches.


As the founder of the Hope Foundation, as the global CEO of Wales. He told us about the origin and significance of the founding of Hope Foundation. Through the long-term observation of the universe, Mr. Maxwell Connor found that every star runs regularly and smoothly. There is no communication between them, but there is a kind of interdependence and eternal balance between them, so he decided to use the universe to solve the problem of the gap between rich and poor. Break the traditional credit service model.

At the conference, Mr. Maxwell Connor gave a detailed introduction to WEALTH’s underlying technology and functional architecture matrix architecture, as well as the unique advantages of WEALTH’s blockchain strategic trading algorithm. In the meeting, Mr. Maxwell Connor also said a lot of important information, Hope Foundation will develop the next generation of decentralized exchange based on zkSync, create a decentralized financial platform based on zkSync, to provide the best trading experience for users, not only support spot and contract trading, It also supports a wide range of financial services such as lending, options and social trading. Not only that, the upcoming decentralized exchange has received financial support from the world’s top investment institutions and has established partnerships with several well-known blockchain projects and institutions. At the same time, we prepared a highly honorable reward gift for the excellent leaders: we will give a personal passport of Saint Lucia to each leader whose performance of the community reaches five million dollars. We will invite everyone to Saint Lucia, which is known as “North American Maldives” as the star of the Caribbean, to experience the accelerated life of wealth and freedom together with him.


“The future of WEALTH is not just a new financial ecosystem with equal and balanced WEALTH. Each of us, as an important node in the decentralized wealth system of the future, will change something in the world as the foundation of society, so that the existence of blockchain makes sense,” said Mr. Maxwell Connor. At the end of his speech, Mr. Maxwell Connor issued an urgent appeal to those who are still unaware of the oppression of capital, hoping to awaken the vast majority of people to fight for and pay for the precious freedom and justice.

New milestone: Exploring a new mode of aggregation on the chain of “blockchain + multi-industry”

The WEALTH Lending Layer 2 expansion solution is a perfect solution to high gas rates and network congestion. It has its own technical advantages. The application of transaction type Blobs will provide cheap storage costs. Or even lower to < $0.001.

In order to further realize the strategic goal of blockchain aggregation and better serve tens of millions of users, Hope Foundation will comprehensively layout the multi-industry ecology of blockchain in the future, build an all-round aggregation ecology of on-chain finance, explore the deep integration of numerous scenes and blockchain, and make blockchain industrialization, from chaos to synergy. Starting with the confluence of fan traffic pool, the decentralized exchange based on zkSync and decentralized multi-chain wallet are developed. Complete the foundation construction of aggregate transactions, provide convenience to meet the diversified needs of users, provide containers and carriers for users’ needs, and at the same time provide the most efficient use experience and transaction operation.


In the future, the Hope Foundation ecological platform will integrate and connect with several exchanges, enrich the diversity of currencies, and provide users with better liquidity experience. At the same time, it takes the decentralized multi-chain wallet as the port and adopts the unified account mode to realize the “currency aggregation” and “deep aggregation” of multi-exchange. Investors no longer need to register multiple exchange accounts, but can enjoy the in-depth and rapid matching of the best prices of major exchanges with one click, realizing cross-platform price comparison trading without manual comparison and screening and paying double commission fees, which also solves the pain points of the exchange industry.

Blockchain has technically solved the problem of trust between people. In the near future, blockchain technology will also promote social and economic changes. Human beings have never been organized so quickly and efficiently to cooperate with each other and cooperate with each other. This WEALTH launch conference gathers many elites. Hope Foundation is going all out to subvert the imagination of the entire blockchain industry. Let’s witness the power of blockchain and redefine new finance together.