FIREDAO —the flag bearer of the 2022 digital world

Since 2021, the digital world has experienced a strong storm.

This baptism will eventually pass. And the real gold in the digital world will survive this test and return. So who will this real gold be

In 2022, it, FIREDAO, jointly developed by the Russian R3 Fund, the founding team of the BFH system, and the elders of the storage industry of the Block of the DAO ecology of the V God team, will proudly appear to reorganize the mess.

It aims to transmit and develop the core power of block storage technology, so that participants can regain confidence – block storage technology, which will be a historical necessity in the digital world, and will also take its own rules to correctly and conform to the laws of natural development to transform the digital future.

DeFi 2.0 is strictly speaking, they are more of a “local innovation” based on DeFi 1.0, without much subversive game rule change. We don’t have to worry about DeFi 2.0 or DeFi 1.0, its innovation and change are all in order to promote the sustainable development of the DeFi ecosystem, bring better experience to users and obtain corresponding benefits.

The intersection of DAO and DeFi in the FIREDAO ecosystem is spawning new products. As the DEGREE TO WHICH THE DAO uses DeFi products as payment, distribution methods becomes increasingly decentralized and digitized, THE DAO will increase and lead to the formation of more DeFi products to interact with the DAO. Their interactive innovation is becoming more and more frequent, and it is not difficult to imagine that the dominance of the FIREDAO ecosystem in the DeFi 2.0 system will become more and more stable.

Since the launch of FIREDAO and the future use of FIRE as a token for the meta-universe social series NFT, although the overseas channel has not yet been officially opened, the early warm-up has long made it in the top NFT art circles and social digital circles at home and abroad, and has been widely reported by nasdag and other international top media and industry head media Cointelegraph. At the same time, various investment institutions in Russia and the world have joined, such as Telegram (IM), BitFury, TON, Credits, POA, Waves, Matrix CIB, CryptoBazar, TAAS Fund, IIDF, etc. It can be predicted that the future of FIRE will truly help the current traditional culture to cross the boundaries of time and space and win the era of meta-universe society.