YH breathes new life into convergent ecological development

The year 2021 could be called the year of the “metaverse”. At present, the virtual world of metaverse has become the focus of competition for capital. International giants, including Facebook, are all laying out metaverse tracks, and data shows that the metaverse market will reach US$470 billion by 2025 and US$1.5 trillion by 2030. Under the current metaverse trend, major technology giants have joined the capital, making more metaverse derivative models, and combined with this year’s explosion of the Gamefi concept, the metaverse “chain tour” ushered in a new industry windfall! Virtual reality wearable manufacturer OCULUS continues to exceed sales expectations with its latest VR products, reigniting the market’s imagination for virtual reality.

YH (Galaxy) has created a unique meta-universe cluster eco-economic model by establishing decentralized applications (DAPP), decentralized finance (Defi), DAO governance (hybrid mining), virtual space-time (meta-universe), and chain tour (GameFI) with a clever and innovative fusion of internal disk mechanisms to create a shared community. It will help them 科幻参考 (141) build applications in different scenarios based on YH, integrate various game types and gameplay, virtualise real-world things, create a global metaverse star ecology, have tradable entities in this ecology, integrate the metaverse, realise the value flow of virtual things, build a decentralised financial ecology through GAMEFI, and experience technological innovation in a completely realistic gaming experience. It is a fully realistic gaming experience that allows you to experience technological innovation and build a world and space of your own domination.

The YH R&D team brings together renowned organisations from Singapore’s Metaverse 1 Fund, Wall Fund, Rock East, Softbank and YH-DAO industry, and is primarily responsible for the Metaverse board blockchain technology. It has very rich experience in blockchain underlying development, decentralized finance and smart contract development, and is adept at understanding customer needs and translating them into products. He also has rich experience in public chain management and has undertaken several large-scale projects at home and abroad. With strong technical strength and rich industry experience, the team members fully support the growth and development of the project. The YH pass-through is extremely deflationary, making it even more scarce and valuable.


Overall, the super-ecology created by YH is the new form of the next-generation Internet, a tangible manifestation of the digital future and a disruptive innovation. YH’s pre-emptive layout of this track means that it holds more say in the future, and YH is currently in the Defi-sucking stage. YH will be an always-on meta-universe application platform, which will also have a complete economic system running uninterruptedly and can span both the real and digital worlds. At the same time, any image, content, wealth, etc. based on data and information will be able to circulate in the metaverse and an unlimited number of people will be able to participate in it simultaneously, contributing to its ecological prosperity!