VNS Network – a new version of “Taobao” in the currency circle, 7 days no reason to redeem the capital-guaranteed investment and financing platform


1. Project background

(1) Policy Background

Hong Kong released a “Consultation Document” for crypto transactions on February 20, marking Hong Kong as a crypto-friendly region. Judging from the content of the document, Hong Kong’s relevant policies are not as strict as imagined, but give enough space to encrypted trading platforms and investors. Hong Kong’s friendliness to cryptocurrencies has made the market’s expectations for the industry skyrocket. As a result, the Hong Kong sector has received more attention, and it has also allowed the market to see the potential of the Chinese sector. At present, the market sentiment has calmed down, but the rise of Hong Kong has just begun. More pioneering encryption talents and innovative projects are moving closer to Hong Kong, accumulating strength and concentrating on construction. In this context, as a blockchain technology unicorn company established in Singapore and based in Hong Kong, Vns Network seized this opportunity to benchmark DAO Maker and Binance, and strive to create the most valuable investment for users. The blockchain aggregation launch platform provides blockchain start-ups with comprehensive one-stop solutions such as financing, pledge, community, and DAO governance, and serves the primary market investment needs and risk control of more and more individual investors. Issue guarantee and service system.

(2) Team and financing background

Vns Network was founded in 2021 by Li Guangxin, an outstanding young man from Hong Kong, and many outstanding overseas teams. It is a blockchain technology unicorn company. In the same year, it received an angel investment of 2 million from the Singapore Fintonia Foundation and developed a Vns Network aggregator. Platform, at the end of 2022, after the main network of the Vns Network aggregator platform is launched for internal testing, it will once again be led by the Fintonia Foundation in Singapore, followed by Cypher Capital in Dubai, with a total investment of 10 million. The team and financing background of Vns Network are the proof of its strength, and the platform built by the strong alliance will definitely become the best choice for start-up companies and investors.

2. Introduction to Vns Network

Now that the world has been immersed in the atmosphere of e-commerce for many years, we have long been accustomed to the Taobao model. What is the core of Taobao? 7 days no reason to return and refund. It not only provides a trusted platform for both parties to the transaction, but also solves the problem of trust between both parties. Of course, it also has some disadvantages, such as being too centralized.


In the world of blockchain, various roles will also appear. As a start-up company, the founder often delays the progress of the project because he cannot find a suitable investor or financing platform; as an independent investor, he suffers from too many projects, does not know how to screen projects or is not clear about the projects he likes The degree of participation and the loss of opportunities for wealth growth. Because of trust issues between start-ups and investors, investors waste too much time and cost in the process of screening projects. At this time, a platform is needed. As a link between high-quality projects and investors, Vns Network was born under such a demand background. The team is committed to building it into “Taobao on the chain”, giving investors more choices. Through the “Taobao mode” team will strictly review each project that needs financing, and only those projects that meet the review conditions will be launched on the platform. It will be the first step to check for investors, provide financing channels for high-quality projects, build their popularity, and provide investors with a platform to match The option for projects to grow together. The cost of trust between both parties is reduced, and through the automatic execution of smart contracts, a truly decentralized and credible platform is born.

Vns Network adopts the four-fold income system of membership + platform + NFT + project equity currency, and adopts the DYCO (redeemable investment) participation method in the new project to ensure the maximum benefit of user assets while reducing the risk of loss, creating sustainable development, Viable new investment model: single investment, long-term income.

The realization of the Vns Network system is divided into three stages:

  1. A discovery platform for industry incubation and distribution of retail investors
  2. Web3 service platform for mainstream banking business transformation
  3. A financial ecological public chain that helps the industry change

Three, Vns Network advantage analysis:

  • Not long after the “new public chain craze”, the project “Xingxin” triggered a new round of upsurge in the market, which fully proves that there is still huge room for growth in the new platform.
  • Vns Network adopts a redeemable investment participation method in project innovation to protect user assets from loss.
  • During the circulation of tokens, Vns Network will continue to repurchase and destroy tokens to reduce the supply, so as to ensure the value of tokens.
  • Vns Network includes a DeFi section that integrates members, platform tokens, NFT, and project equity tokens. It is expected to become the DeFi project with the most TVL on Binance Smart Chain in the early stage of the project.
  • The member fission mechanism of Vns Network will make it produce better incentive effects. Enabling more users to participate in the governance of the platform creates strong stickiness between users and the platform, and indirectly guarantees the rights and interests of investors.
  • The dividend distribution system of Vns Network determines that it can maximize the protection of investors’ rights and interests “one time investment, lifelong benefit”.


4. Ecological closed-loop cycle empowerment

Vns Network uniquely adopts the quadruple income system of membership + platform currency + NFT + project equity currency, and each section is closely related and cyclically empowered.

  • Membership: Users can become members by binding their wallets on the platform and subscribing at least 0.01U of platform currency VNS, and unlock related services on the platform. After becoming a member, users can enjoy participating in projects launched on the platform with a non-destructive guarantee system, produce more platform coins and project equity coins through pledge mining, and obtain excess returns through free exchange of project tokens and participation in fundraising. According to the investment needs of different users, Vns Network divides members into four levels: partners, shareholders, founding members and ordinary members. When the user becomes a platform member through the minimum subscription amount, he will get the initial level: ordinary member. On this basis, the platform defines membership levels by the amount of NFT holdings: holding one platform NFT is a founding member, holding two or more NFTs is a shareholder member, and holding five NFTs is a partner.


  • Platform currency: Vns Network launched the platform equity token VNS, which can better link high-quality projects, and through the multi-directional portfolio distribution investment strategy, ensure the steady growth of multi-currency currency prices, and provide good investment and financing for all members and projects environment.


  • NFT: In the membership system of the Vns Network platform, NFT plays an important role as a link between the past and the future. It enables members, platform coins and project equity coins to be more effectively linked, and at the same time it allows members to obtain higher benefits in the platform ecology.


  • Project equity currency: Vns Network has created a product that lays the foundation for new venture capital. Members will enjoy the investment fun of zero risk and zero cost without too many complicated operations. The platform will provide value for this by building an aggregated ecosystem of projects. The value of this token is reflected in the project equity currency CPD of the platform. CPD is obtained by members holding VNS, and the platform distributes dividends for casting, LP mining and NFT pledge mining output, and the price is anchored at 0.01U. Its function is to exchange the cooperation project tokens of the online platform.


The deep binding of DAO governance and the ecological token economic model will bring strong vitality and creativity to the future ecology of a platform, which is extremely important for Vns Network. When this positive cycle begins to operate, the entire ecological value of Vns Network will be further activated, and will eventually feed back to the entire ecology.

5. Token Distribution System

Vns Network will initially issue Tokens based on the Binance Chain, adopting the BEP-20 standard, and the token symbol is VNS, and will gradually expand to other chains in the future, giving members more options for operations. As a proof of platform equity, VNS can be rewarded by participating in community governance, and these rewards will be automatically distributed through smart contracts. You can also trade in the secondary market to transfer your own proof of equity.

VNS is minted through the agreement, the maximum supply is 4,000,000,000, the initial circulation is 800,000,000, and the issue price is $0.01. Holding Token can participate in the ecological construction of the platform, including but not limited to equity pledge, governance, incentives, etc. VNS is the threshold for users to participate in platform governance. Because of its long-term equity distribution, it is an ideal investment choice.

Token distribution system:

20% initial circulation, 5% team, 10% foundation managed by VNS, 4% consultants and future team, 10% sales, 20% ecosystem growth, 1% advertising, 30% investment and mergers and acquisitions.

6. Project Roadmap


7. Project vision

Innovation and development are the driving force and guarantee for any platform to continue to move forward. With the development of the industry, Vns Network will adjust its development direction in time to ensure that it finds the target market. The future development prospects of Vns Network are particularly broad, and the following aspects can be expected:

  • Positioning “Taobao on the chain”, Vns Network will occupy a leading position in terms of market share and number of users.
  1. A large number of users flood into the platform every day, which will bring a lot of popularity, influence and potential community members to the project;
  2. Vns Network provides investors with a safe, reliable and sustainable income platform, and also brings high-quality investment user groups to the project;
  3. By launching the Vns Network platform, the project took advantage of the platform’s brand effect and gained more investment user groups.
  • Platform version Web3.0 ecology.

VNS Network has always stood at the position of providing services to more and more small and medium-sized investors and start-ups in the industry and creating more benefits, solving the pain points of industry development, promoting the standardization of early market investment and financing in the blockchain field, and providing more people Create decentralized wealth.

In terms of development direction, VNS Network is based on VNS Launchpad, promotes the multi-aggregate development of ecological projects, and expands business sectors such as exchanges, incubation funds, and public chains. Form a collection of project incubation and development on the exchange, user security and high-yield investment services, a more professional exchange between the primary market and the secondary market, Web3 multi-project aggregation layout, a financial public chain that serves start-ups and Web2 enterprise transformation, etc. Group platform, to be the “Alibaba” in the field of blockchain investment and financing.

At present, there is no Web3.0 ecological project perfectly integrated with the aggregator platform in the market. For Vns Network, this is both an opportunity and a challenge. Vns Network will adjust its own ecosystem while developing the field of Web3.0, and finally realize the evolution of Vns Network to version 2.0, which is the platform version of Web3.0 ecology.

In the future, the development of Web3.0 is the general trend, and more and more organizations will inevitably join Web3.0. Vns Network, as a traffic pool with a large number of fan users, will also occupy an indispensable scene in the Web3.0 era.