Dividend peak ecology in the capital age Global leader in digital asset securitization

On January 24, 2020, the Hong Kong-listed company Advance Holdings Group (HK: 01499) resumed trading on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (hereinafter referred to as: HKEx). The stock price once soared by 74.36%, with the highest price reaching HK$0.68 per share. The closing price fell back to 0.425 HKD/share. It turned out that on January 17, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange announced that Advance Holdings received a capital injection of 484 million Hong Kong dollars from Xu Mingxing, the founder of OK Group (OKC Holdings Corporation), to acquire 60.49% of the issued shares of Advance Holdings.


OK Group’s move has also been interpreted by many industries as “backdoor listing”, which is also an attempt by digital asset companies to seek other listing channels in the face of IPO difficulties. Judging from the results alone, the stock price of Advance Holdings Group (HK: 01499) rose by up to 10 times before and after OK Group’s capital injection. In the past, it was difficult for ordinary investors to seize such opportunities, but after three years, the top ecological platform came with the opportunity of digital asset securitization.


The Summit Ecological Platform was initiated by Overseas China Resources (China Resources) in London, UK, and united Barclays Bank, Bank of America West, TD Ameritrade, Omax, JPMorgan Chase, AXA, BlackRock, CMC UK, UK City Index, National Westminster Group, Starling Bank, Brewin Dolphin, and lloyds, etc., have been cooperating closely with 21 top financial institutions in Europe and the United States for a long time, such as banks, securities, insurance, trusts, funds, and foreign exchange. The world’s first digital industry cluster ecosystem with securitization of rights and digital assets as its core business.

Relying on decades of overseas asset mergers and acquisitions, decades of capital operation experience, and brilliant achievements in asset securitization, the Summit Ecological Platform team has continuously integrated traditional finance and blockchain technology through five years of research and development and exploration of blockchain technology , to create a digital asset ecological sector that revolves around the combination of traditional capital and PECO digital certificates, has the functions of one certificate with multiple applications, one certificate with multiple equity functions, certificates and shares with the same rights, and digital asset securitization.

In layman’s terms, what Summit Ecology needs to do is to create a financial ecosystem where everyone can use digital assets to participate in equity investment. To achieve this goal, Summit Ecology has two major advantages. One is that it has decades of experience in overseas asset mergers and acquisitions, involving overseas real estate, mining, insurance, entertainment, health, payment technology, blockchain/cryptocurrency, and wealth Technology, network security technology, regulatory technology and other fields; in addition, after 5 years of blockchain technology accumulation, Summit Ecosystem has created a CRA public chain with a financial-level security level.


Relying on these two advantages, Summit Ecology can solidly promote the digital financial ecology of the digital transformation of traditional financial products, combined with Summit’s huge asset chain group and blockchain technology, expand the convergent digital industry financial ecology, and realize the certificate (token) ) shares (equity) have the same rights, and ultimately allow more investors holding Peak PECO tokens to subscribe to the digital asset securitization of listed company equity injected with high-quality assets, and achieve a leap in wealth.

Hong Kong has become one of the most outstanding international financial centers in the world, with world-class financial infrastructure, legal and regulatory systems. At the same time, the Hong Kong government has issued a policy declaration on the development of virtual assets to promote the development of various financial services in the entire virtual asset value chain. sustainable development. Therefore, Summit Ecology will choose Hong Kong as the incubation base for digital asset securitization.

Token introduction

Based on the CRA public chain, the PECO token is the only token of Summit Ecology and will be widely used in various fields of Summit Digital Finance. As a circulation medium in the Summit ecosystem, PECO has the functions of one certificate with multiple applications and one certificate with multiple shares. It is an important tool for participating in Summit digital finance and having the same rights for certificates and shares.

A total of 21 million PECO tokens are issued, which completely eliminates the over-issuance of traditional currencies. 100% of the PECO pass is added to the capital flow pool, which is equivalent to a 100% reserve fund, which is to deposit and pay all funds, which can be completely transparent and open through smart contracts. Part of the PECO tokens in the ecological circulation will continue to be destroyed, so that they will eventually be destroyed to 2.1 million. In the case of increasing application demand and decreasing supply, it is hard to find a coin, and the value of PECO will be reflected in the price.