The Metacosmos concept has exploded! How many other business opportunities does the Galactic Century have?

In 2021, the year of the outbreak of the crypto industry, DeFi, NFT, GameFi, metaverse and so on have received unprecedented development, among which blockchain games have gained wide attention. According to the BlockchainGamer. VC’s investment in blockchain games has increased directly to $4 billion in 2021, according to biz data. In terms of chain game, Axie Infinity earned more than $1.2 billion in half a year, and the metauniverse added to the popularity of the game, and the price of related Token soared hundreds of times. The floor price of the series NFT has risen from 0.08 ETH to 147 ETH (about $420,000), up 1,837 times in just over a year. Capital is still flowing in, the market heat is still hot, and the users continue to grow…… We have reason to believe that the world of blockchain games is still bright in 2022. Missed the wonderful 2021,2022 galaxy century must not miss……

You space

You Space is the first on-chain game project of the Galaxy Century ecosystem. It is a decentralized on-chain game, where players can buy NFT warships and gain a variety of profits. All the NFT characters in the game can be transferred in the form of NFT on the chain. Galaxy Century Chain tour will enjoy higher profits while entertaining, and will certainly lead the world.

The secluded space NFT

The space NFT is divided into three categories: creation NFT (119), Node NFT (300), DAO NFT (500) and guild NFT (not yet open). The holding of the warship NFT has six following interests:

① coinage handling fee dividend right

② secondary market transaction fee dividend right

③ get free chain swim plate super battleship

④ chain tour handling fee dividend right

⑤ NFT transaction fee dividend right

⑥ NFT Share Rights


Deep space chain game

In the secluded space game, players can buy their own warships and items, each providing players with four levels of warships, each of which will have specific skills and combat power. Players use battleships to play offensive and defensive strategies, as well as the exploration of the interstellar universe, the development and development of interstellar maps. No matter what way you play, players will receive certain rewards. The game provides players with an immersive narrative experience, creating an illusory interpretation that can better integrate into it. The purchase of equipment and repair equipment in the space will destroy tokens for destruction so that tokens guarantee recycling supply and unlimited value.

You Space’s unique device ownership rights gives players ownership of in-game assets and allows them to increase their value by actively playing games, which is a key part of the play-earning business model. By participating in the in-game economy, players are creating value for other players and developers. In turn, they are rewarded for their in-game assets. These digital assets can be anything, from cryptocurrencies to game resources tagged on the blockchain. That’s why playing a money-making business model works very well with blockchain games. According to players participating in the early stage, people who help others in the game earn about $40 a day. If you have a fleet, you can earn higher returns with your own assets.

Deep space is a vast interstellar universe, of course, the future in the interstellar universe to develop more play and scene, everyone through their own identity token, can have their own second life in the universe in the galaxy century, in the interstellar space, can play all the types of known games, RPG, MOBA, TPS, ACT and your favorite game type, in the galaxy century like the real world, have identity, social, production, exchange, circulation….. In the trust created through the code, the residents of Galaxy Century live and produce with preset rules, and their economic activities carry out in an orderly manner.


Space decentralized smart contract, the output complete community autonomy, let every user on its own chain of assets transactions and voting rights, and is recruiting global community to witness the new century, will be from community to form a perfect system, to create a unique consensus, together to create the grand universe world.


BGTSwap is an important part of the decentralized financial sector in the Galaxy Century ecology. As a fully decentralized trading system, BGTSwap will serve the Galaxy Century users of digital asset trading, and quickly promote it in the market, so that more users can enjoy the dividend of the actual development of the Galaxy. For galaxy century ecological players through commission dividends, add flow pool dividends, pledge mining incentives, multiple high quality token value let users get multiple income and high consensus, at the same time late BGTSwap will also be online lending, NFT assets trading elements, for galaxy century ecological fu, actively be the pioneer of future digital assets trading platform, innovation drive, cross-border fusion.

About governance tokens

The Nigger (BGT) is based on the TRON chain of issuance, is the only galaxy century ecological governance token and the circulation of the Token. BGT consistently issued 42 million units, of which 5% is held by the fund, through 20% per year for 5 years: 2022- -May 2026! Ninety-five percent are mined through a cloud mining machine. Daily output of 21,680 BGT!

Galaxy Century through distributed community autonomy, with the token coin mine, reward mechanism, and a strong ecosystem (secluded space chain tour, BGTSwap, etc.), to realize the strong consensus culture of Galaxy Century. Through the strong double deflation mechanism and community autonomy system, users can get dozens of times the benefits while achieving fair, just, open, community and guild dominance.

Galaxy Century aims to build a comprehensive financial service platform integrating DeFi ecology, DAO governance, NFT trading platform, GameFi ecology, Swap exchange, WEB3.0 and other ecological application facilities. In the future, major games and decentralized financial sectors will be launched to create a more comprehensive, more fun, safer and more profitable multi-asset exchange and truly decentralized financial ecological complex.

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