GSS (GLOD SAINTS DAO) Gold Saint Seiya is about to launch

In today’s world, with the birth of blockchain technology, in addition to the emergence of emerging assets such as cryptocurrencies, it has also brought revolutionary breakthroughs to traditional finance, supply chains, cross-border remittances, data privacy, creative works and other application fields. Now everyone basically divides the development of blockchain into three stages: the 1.0 stage represented by the decentralized, anti-inflation, and encrypted global digital assets such as Bitcoin; The 2.0 stage represented by the immutable contracts on the network; and the 3.0 stage represented by the decentralized financial ecology based on the development of smart contracts such as DeFi and DAO.

With the in-depth development of DeFi. GameFi and NFT have gradually become popular in the market. The concept of Web3.0 has also been applied to various fields. The technical direction of Web3.0 actually includes technological innovations such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, big data, and DAO (User Consensus Community) network organization model innovation. The Metaverse is expected to be a breakthrough change in future lifestyles! The fusion of the virtual and the real, and the coexistence of the virtual and the real, people will work and socialize more efficiently in the metaverse world, so as to enjoy life easily and comfortably. AR/VR solves the technical needs of the front-end of the Metaverse, and Web3.0 provides strong technical support in the back-end. GOLD SAINTS DAO takes decentralization as the core and adapts to the distributed network, marking the advent of the era of web3.0 application chain.

GLOD SAINTS DAO is a professional decentralized game aggregator (token GSS), rooted in traditional finance and its long-standing trust mechanism, which came into being in the popular GameFi wave. The community that gathers the phenomenon-level application development technology of the times establishes order through the trending value Internet system, and the consensus group empowers the value of this ecosystem (SAINTSECOLOGY) to adopt the game method of “play while earning”. This model includes the concept of open economy, creating a new decentralized game aggregation ecological platform that is open, fair, traceable, distributed, transparent and credible.

GSS (GLOD SAINTS DAO) uses the existing decentralized multi-chain, cross-chain wallet, OTC transaction and other applications, plus a new financial standard generated by a perfect innovation mechanism; these have established the industry leadership of GSS (GLOD SAINTS DAO) position. GSS will lead the rise of the Web3.0+DAO track, and let the Golden Saint Seiya Twelve Constellation NFT embark on a journey of breaking the circle!

Issuance mechanism: Token GSS, a total of 10 million infinite deflation

Slippage 1%: 20% Deflation Burn, 30% Direct Push Fee, 50% Pope Dividend

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Now in market sermons, the best time to:

Lock the package on the contract chain,

Mining of NFT trading positions;

The mechanism is flawless,

Node revenue is fully collected!

Now open the global community genesis node