SO : A Feast of Wealth Combining Community Autonomy and Wallet Application

SO is a decentralized aggregation platform that integrates the creation of mining pools + DAPP wallets + social networking + transactions, web3.0 application expansion, DeFi2.0, chain games, and Metaverse.

As the only entry point for blockchain payment, wallet is a must-have dapp for blockchain users. Social networking is one of the tools for communication between people. Traditional social networking has great uncertainty about user privacy. Blockchain social networking has achieved great protection for user privacy. All are peer-to-peer, anonymous chat, and chat burning a series of functions, which are upgrades to traditional social networking. Social communication solves communication, wallet solves payment, two-way drainage, and has its own transaction system in the strengthened wallet. Perfect solution to the current blockchain dapp pain points. SO will lead to new business opportunities.

The concept of SO community is that changing the world comes from innovation

So why can SO become a hot project sought after by the community? First of all, he has the following seven advantages:

  1. Mining: The destruction mining mechanism is adopted, which realizes the infinite cycle of mining, and the token continues to deflate, lowering the threshold for investors to enter the mining industry, truly achieving a reasonable distribution of value and making full use of resources. SO will be used as a global energy card, remodeling of mining farms, hosting of mining machines, and the only certificate for benchmarking capital stocks, so as to truly achieve the same rights of coins and shares, and realize the remodeling of real digital assets.
  2. Wallet: SO builds a diversified DAPP wallet. The wallet will have mining + dapp + social + exchange. What we build is a blockchain 3.0 platform, similar to the traditional application treasure. It is convenient for users to have a better experience. Our goal is to simplify the complexity, improve customer stickiness, allow users to have our wallet, and experience all the functions, simplifying the inconvenience of using too many software for users. Let more people embrace the blockchain more concisely.
  3. Social: web3.0 traceless communication/block address authorization identity/double-end encrypted P2P link/72 hours self-incineration
  4. Trading pair data native K-line/monitoring the top ten token holding addresses of trading pairs/LP top twelve addresses are always dynamic, provide pancakeswap sunswap pending order take profit and stop loss system, provide contract script grab coins grab NFT system, buy at the best price in the world enter.
  5. DAPP: Analysis of 10000+ high-quality on-chain projects
  6. web 3.0 : Native aggregator/no need for VPN to decentralized exchange trading/one-click routing 0 fee, integrated TRON, BSC, HECO, ETH, creating/trading/social/auction integrated comprehensive NFT full-chain trading platform
  7. Metaverse: Building Metaverse application scenarios to provide immersive experience in the virtual world where the real world maps and interacts

SO will become a voluntary, self-organizing, self-governing blockchain community. It is not a company or entity owned by a handful of founders and investors, but a borderless organization owned by those who contribute to it. Ownership, power and control are in the hands of all community members. Everyone can make a difference, regardless of their abilities and experience. Every community member committed to development and a shared mission is equal. SO will be launched in the near future, and community members are welcome to initiate proposals, participate in discussions and vote on the following platforms.