On March 7th, FonsionDex, the world’s first RWA track exchange, announced its global launch, and its economic model SOLFIE was launched simultaneously, becoming popular around the world.

The FonsionDex decentralized exchange was developed by the Lao MY BIOTECH Group and is headquartered in Laos. The group has extremely broad and deep resources and background in the political and business circles of Laos and China. In addition, it shoulders the mission of building a cultural special economic zone in Laos and accelerating the development of Laos’ digital economy. It is the first batch of pilot units for digital economy reform in Laos.

In 2024, the group officially enters the blockchain field and builds the world’s first RMA track exchange to seize new trends in the future and build Web3.0 digital infrastructure. What the FSDEX exchange needs to do is to introduce real-world assets into blockchain DeFi Applications can be used to enable transactions, staking, leasing, etc. on the chain. To realize the above process, we must first tokenize real-world assets and convert them into digital currencies that can be traded on the chain, helping traditional enterprises to easily obtain financing channels.

The SOLIFEY economic model is an economic model jointly launched by FonsionDex, abbreviation of FSDEX (Fengsheng Decentralized Exchange) and Polordar (Prada) public chain under the Laos MY BIOTECH Group. It aims to increase the visibility of the exchange and the public chain’s introduction of traffic, and provide The world’s leading exchanges on the public chain are paving the way.

The platform has a real industry of 100 hectares of CBD real hematopoiesis, with more than 3 times the profit every quarter. 80% of the profits from planting CBD are returned to the platform for market value management, allowing the price of FSD to rise steadily, forming a strong consensus to build FSD a hundred times, a thousand times, and a thousand times. Dream.
The project has a high degree of fairness, there is no pyramid, subordinates can surpass superiors, and promotion can enjoy multiple benefits.