Alyx Union in Dubai: New Year Kick-Off Event and Loop Wallet Launch

Dubai, 26 January 2024 – Alyx Union’s New Year Kick-Off Event, featuring the much-anticipated launch of Loop Wallet, was a resounding success in Dubai. Fresh off a successful event in Hong Kong last month, Alyx Union achieved yet another significant milestone, with its multi-day event in Dubai attracting over 400 attendees from around the world.

Loop Wallet, with its innovative multi-party computation (MPC) and account abstraction (AA) technology, is set to revolutionize Web3 usage with unparalleled security and privacy. Now officially available, users can download its DApp from Google Play and the Apple App Store, and step into a new era of digital asset management.

“The launch of the Loop Wallet DApp is a game-changer for the everyday Web3 users,” said Andrew Smith, COO of Loop Wallet. “We’re bringing unprecedented security combined with a user-friendly experience, making digital asset management accessible to everyone.”

A Shift towards Decentralized Governance

In a major announcement, President of Alyx Union and CEO of Alyx Chain, Mr. Ryan Strasser, revealed plans for Alyx Chain’s validator nodes, signifying a move towards decentralized governance. This new structure, featuring 21 ‘Apex’ master nodes and 100 ‘Atlas’ sub-nodes, offers members a direct hand in shaping the future of Alyx Union. The introduction of these nodes indicates a shift towards more community-driven decision-making, underscoring Alyx Union’s commitment to inclusivity and democratization in the blockchain space.

Further enhancing its ecosystem, Strasser announced the launch of a brand-new token within the Alyx ecosystem – Alyx Genesis Token (AGT). Members who are staking in the liquidity pools will now receive 30% of rewards in AGT. AGT will be launched in conjunction with a new high-reward staking initiative in a new mining pool, with users receiving attractive rewards in the form of ALYX tokens when they stake AGT.

As explained by Strasser, this initiative aims to educate users on staking strategies, promoting deeper engagement with DeFi and Web3. It is part of Alyx Union’s broader strategy to demystify and popularize DeFi practices among its community, reinforcing its role as a leader in blockchain education and innovation.

Engaging the Broader Crypto Community

A major development for Alyx Union is the listing of the ALYX token on BW exchange, with plans to expand to six more exchanges in 2024. This expansion will significantly enhance ALYX token’s accessibility, liquidity, and trading volume, further integrating Alyx Union into the broader crypto market and solidifying its position as a key player in the space.

Known for its substantial user base, BW exchange is used by millions of users globally, while also providing mining pool services to miners from 45 countries. This wide reach provides valuable exposure and accessibility to a diverse audience, and serves as an ideal first exchange for the ALYX token. The exchange’s affiliation with ZB, one of the world’s largest digital asset exchanges, further enhances its operational and security management, making it an attractive choice for expanding market presence and user engagement.

An Exciting 2024

Alyx Union’s continuous expansion of its crypto ecosystem through the launch of the Loop Wallet DApp underscores its commitment to advancing the DeFi and Web3 sectors. By diversifying its offerings and broadening its reach, Alyx Union aims to deliver comprehensive and innovative blockchain solutions, fostering a more inclusive and versatile digital finance landscape.

Looking ahead, Alyx Union is poised to redefine the standards of blockchain efficiency and utility. With an ambitious roadmap that includes strategic partnerships and more ground-breaking products and services, Alyx Union is committed to pioneering new frontiers in blockchain technology. Its focus remains on nurturing a thriving community of innovators and leading the charge in the continuous technological evolution of the blockchain industry.

About Alyx Union

Alyx Union stands at the forefront of blockchain innovation, uniting top-tier projects and companies to propel the Web3 domain forward. Central to its ethos is a deep-seated commitment to both community engagement and technological progression, while harnessing the varied expertise of its members to collaboratively shape the future of blockchain. A key focus is the development of Alyx Chain, an EVM-compatible Layer 1 blockchain network, epitomizing the Union’s dedication to delivering state-of-the-art solutions that adapt to the dynamic needs of the blockchain ecosystem.