Bit Best’s Elite Leaders Summit Heralds Dawn of Innovation in Web 3.0 and DeFi in Dubai


DUBAI, August 24, 2023 – The 2023 Bit Best Elite Leaders Summit, an event led by Bit Best, concluded on August 24th at the opulent Palazzo Versace in Dubai. Under the theme of “Web3 and Decentralized Finance (DeFi),” the Summit delved into the intricacies of Web3.0 innovation, fostering a comprehensive exploration of both theory and practice. This event, marked by insightful discussions and visionary revelations, showcased Bit Best’s preeminence in global financial innovation and its role as a torchbearer in the realm of Web3 finance.

The conference gathered nearly a hundred pioneers of the Web3 era, experts, scholars, and elite leaders in Dubai to discuss opportunities in the new wave of Web3 trends. The conference was designed not only to harness these opportunities but also to address the challenges inherent to the evolution of the Web 3.0 ecosystem in this new era. As the driving force behind this dynamic ecosystem, Bit Best remains steadfast in its commitment to staying at the vanguard of industry evolution. With a remarkable footprint as an industry unicorn, Bit Best is poised to proactively explore the nuanced facets of the cryptocurrency market, while simultaneously weaving a visionary narrative that extends far beyond the present horizon.


Preceding the commencement of the conference, the host formally presented key figures from Bit Best’s leadership and extended a warm welcome to the distinguished guests:

  • CEO of Bit Best—Mr. Bernard Ridder
  • Mr. Nasser, Founder of Dubai Blockchain Center
  • COO of Bit Best—Ms. Ulviyya Ahmadova
  • Business Development—Ms. Pearl Jane Villarba

The event embodied the core theme of embracing change, cultivating optimism and proactivity, demonstrating agility and resilience, and fostering innovation and excellence:

In this ever-changing world, we’re ready to explore new possibilities and use new situations to create amazing things. The Web3 era, which is happening now, encourages us to start new journeys that make us feel hopeful and can lead to incredible achievements.

As the Conference Commenced, Bernard Ridder, CEO of Bit Best and the Representative of the Organizer, Delivered the Inaugural Address:

In his opening remarks, Bernard Ridder elucidated Bit Best’s founding principles, strategic positioning within the ecosystem, and visionary roadmap. He talked about the main goal of Bit Best: to help with money flow problems in today’s trading markets, lead the way in creating new kinds of digital money systems, and bring benefits to every stakeholder.


Following the wonderful speech by the CEO, Sophia Anderson, the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) responsible for expanding Bit Best’s presence in North America, conveyed her well wishes to the esteemed leaders present via a video message. She expressed her belief that BIT BEST is on the cusp of creating a remarkable future and leading the way in the Web3 sector.


Later on, Nasser, the founder of the Dubai Blockchain Center, delivered an industry speech and warmly congratulated the successful holding of the summit. He extended heartfelt congratulations for the summit’s accomplishment. Nasser talked about the importance of teaching and following rules for blockchain across the Middle East. He expressed his viewpoint that the digital economy has elevated to a national strategic height, and accelerating digital transformation is the only way to become world-class.



Following the insightful industry talk, a significant moment unfolded for Bit Best. The handshake between the CEO of Bit Best and Nasser, the founder of the Dubai Blockchain Center, symbolized the collaborative journey ahead with a handshake. This gesture means that the two parties will join hands to create a beautiful future of exchange and cooperation and progress together.


As the heavy share of the summit, Ms. Ulviyya Ahmadova, COO of Bit Best, took the stage to share insights that further elevated the intensity of the gathering. Ulviyya Ahmadova provided an in-depth overview of Bit Best’s ecosystem development, highlighting four key aspects: platform positioning, business model, cryptocurrency derivatives operations, and ecological planning.

She emphasized that Bit Best stands as a comprehensive financial service hub, concentrating specifically on decentralized cryptocurrency derivatives. By analyzing data from both centralized CEX platforms and the present DEX market, she elucidated how the platform aims to ensure user asset protection through decentralization, while simultaneously striving to enhance liquidity for cryptocurrency assets and optimize capital utilization. This, in turn, promises substantial returns for a diverse range of users.

Looking ahead, Bit Best’s ecological roadmap for the year centers on the expansion of fully decentralized exchanges and derivative financial transactions. The plan includes future growth into areas such as wallets, public chains, and more, as part of a progressive endeavor to cultivate a well-rounded and diversified application ecosystem.


Lastly, Pearl Jane Villarba, representing Bit Best as BD, delivered her insightful discourse centered around the project’s token economy and economic framework. Her presentation shed light on how Bit Best effectively employs token and economic model design to incentivize users, offering a clear perspective on how to easily and conveniently engage with the opportunities presented by on-chain finance’s emerging wealth landscape.

Pearl Jane Villarba underscored Bit Best’s strategic blueprint, characterized by its forward-thinking outlook. Going forward, the company will concentrate its strengths on continuous innovation and breakthroughs within the realm of Web3 finance, charting a new trajectory for the decentralized finance landscape of tomorrow.


As the theme-sharing session drew to a close, a wave of enthusiastic applause filled the air once more. Under the host’s guidance, the conference was pushed to another climax. Wonderful content sharing, melodious music, accompanied by soft lighting, all representatives and guests witnessed, took a group photo to commemorate, and the Bit Best Elite Leaders Summit came to a successful conclusion.


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About Bit Best:

Established in early 2023, BitBest stands as a trailblazing trading platform at the forefront of decentralized leverage contracts tailored to cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Its dynamic platform seamlessly integrates an array of decentralized financial services, encompassing financial management, futures contracts, AMM, and LP functionalities.

Rooted in its commitment to fairness, transparency, compliance, and credibility, BitBest is dedicated to furnishing a secure, steady, and meticulously designed trading environment, purpose-built for the diverse needs of global digital asset enthusiasts. Its vision centers on creating a world-class blockchain digital asset financing ecosystem that combats the tide of asset inflation.

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