Bit Best: Leading the New Wave of Decentralized Finance


Industry Outlook and Current Situation

With the mature application of blockchain technology, decentralized finance (DeFi) has accelerated its growth. Since 2020, the scale of decentralized transactions, a vital component of DeFi, has expanded rapidly. However, the current DeFi system is relatively simplistic and awaits further standardization and perfection. Exploring a sustainable and healthy development path has become an industry consensus.

Introduction and Direction of Bit Best

As the first comprehensive financial project focusing on DeFi derivatives, Bit Best was established in 2023, aiming to build a fair and efficient new model of decentralized finance. After relentless exploration, Bit Best has initially broken through core technological challenges and has constructed an all-around DeFi service system covering trading, lending, and regular financial management. Bit Best offers diverse financial services in various forms and integrates digital asset exchange, lending, and collateral into one DeFi functionality. Adhering to the decentralized philosophy, assets are encrypted and stored in a decentralized manner, ensuring the safety of user assets. Using technologies like Chainlink, Bit Best guarantees transparent transactions. It is fully decentralized, captures more quantitative strategies based on basket index liquidity certificates, delivers genuine returns, and offers anti-inflation financial planning and protocol dividends. Users can participate in an endogenous-driven financial mechanism at a low cost and share the DeFi dividends.

**Technical Advantages and Product System of Bit Best**

Technically, Bit Best uses an underlying decentralized technology framework based on Ethereum and invests heavily in original research and development. Its “multi-signature + distributed storage” technology effectively enhances asset security. Meanwhile, the “decentralized autonomous” governance model realizes open and transparent processes. This technology utilizes Verifiable Random Functions (VRF) to ensure network-wide security and efficiency, making the cost of attacks soar multiple times. By randomly generating a pre-signed address list through contracts, it focuses on a higher level of protection for user account systems. On the product side, the Bit Best platform aggregates 55 major cryptocurrencies worldwide, offering one-stop financial management services from exchange and lending to periodic redemption.

**Modularity of Bit Best**

The decentralized financial ecosystem of Bit Best is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Tokenization of value measurement mediums, ensuring all data and behavioral assets belong to users and are not infringed upon.

2. Establishing a P2P network, ensuring the decentralized circulation of Bit Best assets, reducing costs, and improving efficiency.

3. Establishing a broad distributed autonomous community to realize a virtuous cycle, mutual benefit, and self-regulated ecosystem.

4. Setting up a decentralized financial derivatives aggregation ecosystem, allowing every participant to partake in management through the DAO mechanism.

5. Emerging as a robust ecological closed-loop: decentralized powers, duties, and results. Truly realizing comprehensive DeFi.


**Development Plan and Vision of Bit Best**

In the next five years, Bit Best will continue to promote decentralized derivatives and lending functions and achieve multi-chain interconnectivity. It will also explore innovative products such as “blockchain asset liquidity services.” From a business model perspective, by 2025, Bit Best plans to aid over 100 countries and regions worldwide in achieving inclusive DeFi. Besides individual investors, Bit Best is also committed to customizing DeFi financial solutions for a group of banks and fund institutions.


In summary, with technology and products at its core, Bit Best is dedicated to building a fair and efficient new financial era. Upholding the principles of “fairness, efficiency, and security,” it aims to achieve a brand new business form – a decentralized ecosystem based on the Bit Best public chain. Its steadfast philosophy, combined with innovative integration, will lead to the industry’s

prosperous development.