YuBeiGou, the blockchain mall that embraces the changing times

“We believe that the next wave of computing innovation will be driven by cryptocurrencies. We are fundamentally optimistic about the potential of cryptocurrencies to restore trust and enable new types of governance, where communities collectively make important decisions about how networks evolve, what behaviors are permitted, and how economic benefits are distributed.”

– Chris Dixon, Katie Haun, Ali Yahya, Partner, a16z

Blockchain this disruptive revolution through more than a decade of development, the industry is still in the growth period, the future value can be macro asserted infinite wealth opportunities, regardless of the world’s top funds, institutions, companies have joined this wealth feast.

I’ve bought the mall is an experimental plan led by the blockchain research institute to combine blockchain and e-commerce, adopting a globalized ecological model aimed at promoting the change of e-commerce and working for the full realization of decentralized e-commerce ecology. The platform is built based on blockchain underlying technology, with blockchain anti-counterfeit traceability system for commodities and support for digital currency payment, etc. It is the first e-commerce platform that uses blockchain flash payment function. The founding team has been involved in domestic and cross-border e-commerce for several years, and has a thorough understanding of B2B, B2C and C2C models.

Riding on the spring breeze of the times, the wave of technology, and the ship of wealth, YBE, leading people to a better life, has been growing rapidly in the hotbed of digital economy for more than several years. ybe has been upgraded in the security and support technology of digital transformation. Now, YBE can be used in (YuBeiGou) YuBeiGou, blockchain mall platform tokens, shopping to send YBE, consumers enjoy shopping at the same time to get tokens YBE, both consumption to get tokens appreciation, so that shopping more have to experience the fun of financial money.YBE mall model, divided into two kinds: the first: shopping to get YBE, as long as there is shopping, the mall will distribute the corresponding digital assets YBE; the second, deposit digital assets (YBE/USDT) can generate interest, this is also the wealth model created by the mall platform, open to hold coin interest function, that is, the monthly rate function; in the YBE mall, with USDT shopping, then send the mall tokens YBE, 180 days release; and private subscription will also be open in the mall, only 500 U.S. dollars to subscribe to a, five U.S. dollars One YBE, private placement subscription of YBE is also released in 180 days.

YBE is a digital economy and an era of digital technology, YBE is a way to build a safe and trustworthy digital world, to explore the way to “safe and trustworthy digital world”, to make the future world reachable, to make the good life of countless people come true, YBE is an extraordinary life.

Blockchain Mall is

An example of blockchain technology on the ground

Blockchain traceability and anti-counterfeiting is considered to be one of the most promising blockchain landing areas and one of the primary areas where giants are competing for blockchain application technology landing. It can be said that whoever can be the first to launch a landing project can be one step ahead in the industry.

1、Data on the chain, trust endorsement

Blockchain technology is used to digitize the information of the participating parties in the circulation of different commodities and store it in the blockchain. These include origin, producer, channel, retailer, brand and consumer. The information of each participant can be viewed in the blockchain.

2. Non-tampering and quality control

With the help of blockchain technology, the information of each link from production to warehouse is integrated and written into the blockchain, and each piece of information has an independent special blockchain ID with digital signature and time stamp of goods, which provides users with good underlying data support and quality control of goods.

3、Anti-counterfeit traceability and genuine product guarantee

At the consumer level, through the end-to-end traceability QR code and open and transparent blockchain technical support, users can conveniently check the authenticity of goods, cultivate their awareness of genuine products and enhance the brand value at the same time.