Will SHIB BONE become the next Meme currency that detonates the market?

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The surge of SHIB has brought MEME culture into the mainstream

Meme currency is a cryptocurrency based on Meme culture. Compared with major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin BTC and Ethereum ETH, its volatility is relatively high, and it also contains unlimited opportunities.

SHIB is a meme cryptocurrency that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. It was created in August 2020 by an anonymous developer named Ryoshi. His identity is as mysterious as the creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto. As the name suggests, SHIB comes from the Shiba Inu, a Japanese dog breed.


Shiba Inu (SHIB) is without a doubt one of the most precious cryptocurrencies today. Since its launch at $0.000000000153 in August 2020, its value has increased by 7,254,801% to $0.0000111, a 72,549-fold increase. Major trading platforms such as Binance, Ouyi, etc. have frequently reported good news, and such a legendary trend has amazed all walks of life. The full line of animal encryption tokens is born for all retail investors. They represent the will of everyone in the community, are highly entertaining, and have a good spread among fans and enthusiasts. This investment event has attracted more and more The more ordinary users join, the more rounds of “TO THE MOON” trips will start.

Why is SHIB so popular within 2 days of its launch?

Thanks to the concept created by SHIB, the founding teams of many tokens in the market now retain more than 90% of the tokens in their hands, with a high degree of control, and retail investors face the risk of being smashed at any time. But SHIB is different. 50% of the total supply of SHIB is locked in Uniswap, and the remaining 50% is burned to the V God address. Completely decentralized, no official tokens are reserved. Back then, YFI, the leading currency in the DeFi field, had no bankers and was completely decentralized. The price of tokens was determined by the community, which is why they exploded. DeFi was hot back then, and we missed the thousand-fold coin YFI; Musk called for orders one after another, but we failed to catch up with the hundred-fold Dogecoin; then, do we still have a chance to buy the hundred-fold coin?

Possess the pure blood of SHIB, build a super community, and aim to top the CEX list

(1) What is SHIB-BONE?

SHIB-BONE is a dog-themed meme coin in the binance blockchain. It inherits the concept of SHIB “All From Zero”. In the original words of the SHIB white paper, they regard SHIB as “a Social experiment”, “decentralized spontaneous community”, everyone participating in SHIB is the same, all beings are equal, everything starts from scratch.

BONE is initiated by the SHIB-BONE community, the official community of SHIB Malaysia, and it is a completely decentralized community. Some in the community were early followers of SHIB creator Ryoshi. The community adheres to the principle of decentralization and firmly believes that all encryption projects cannot be separated from the community. Community tokens will never disappear, and only community tokens are the future. SHIB-BONE keeps in mind the reason for SHIB’s success, which is community autonomy. SHIB-BONE has no project party, and will not intervene in any matters of any community members. Any member may become a leader through contribution and serve the SHIB-BONE community. Therefore, our business is to create purely decentralized finance.

SHIB-BONE’s airdrop strategy is different from Shiba Inu’s token airdrop. Ryoshi, the anonymous creator of SHIB, first locked 50% of the total Uniswap token supply to ensure liquidity, and then sent the remaining 50% of all tokens to the wallet of Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin. Unexpectedly, Vitalik destroyed 90% of the received tokens and donated the remaining 10% to charity. This approach violates the concept of decentralization. If God V did not destroy the tokens, a large number of tokens would be concentrated in the hands of one person, which would lose the original fairness of the blockchain.

The release strategy of BONE is very fair, no private placement, no pre-sale, no public offering. If you want to get BONE, you must withdraw SHB to trigger the contract, and airdrop 7% of BONE to the extractor through the contract.

(2) Advantages of SHIB-BONE

  • The community is truly decentralized
  • BONE is the only token belief
  • Economic Model of Virtuous Circle
  • founder relinquishes ownership
  • Global International Self-Driven Development
  • Continued hematopoiesis of financial ecology

(3) Token distribution system

Token name: BONE

Total issuance: 1 trillion pieces

Allocation plan:

50% subsidy users

20% pot

5% technology (locked for 1 year)

5% operation (locked for 1 year)

20% node airdrop reward

Slippage: buy and sell 5%

1% burning; 2% LP pool dividend; 2% node dividend

(4) Marketing principles of token BONE

In any successful cryptocurrency project, marketing is crucial. The community believes that by utilizing the influence of social media and the power of marketing, we will continue to promote the popularity and awareness of BONE among the public. Our marketing strategy will focus on To establish a strong brand image and promote community participation, the SHIB-BONE community will make full use of the social media IP effect to quickly spread BONE’s real-time dynamics through the network to show community influence.

(5) SHIB-BONE’s super wealth management plan

SHIB-BONE’s super financial plan has three ways to obtain income, the first is the static income mode

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The second is the team income model

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The third is the second-level recommendation income, which can enjoy 50% of the first-level recommendation income, and 10% of the second-level recommendation income and accelerate the release.

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(6) Earnings withdrawal and node earnings rules

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(7) Moon landing plan

Why can BONE achieve rapid growth in token prices? There are two reasons. One is the fission system with generous rewards, which enables the rapid expansion of the community. The other is that when the NFT is launched, the BONE token will be destroyed. In the deflationary mode, the value of the token will increase greatly. Of course, some people will worry about the depth of BONE’s early transactions. After fully considering this issue, the community decided to open transactions only when the number of people in the community exceeds 50,000. The above system is written into the smart contract. and execute it automatically. Driven by the above rules, the price of BONE will spiral up, and the price is the withdrawal of its community value.


The recent market conditions are hot, and meme-type cryptocurrencies are also on the verge of emerging, but the chances of actually becoming a hundred times currency are even smaller. The strong launch of SHIB-BONE is slightly better in terms of attention and technical advantages. With the integration of decentralized projects such as NFT and Metaverse, the core value of SHIB-BONE will gradually be revealed, and its potential will be truly realized. Infinity side.