WEB3.0, the pioneer of the MetaFi era: SEOS is an important sector that empowers the ecological construction of EOS DeFi, the world’s first EOS SAAS aggregation ecosystem

The EOSSAAS platform is a cross-chain aggregation ecological platform empowered by the EOS Network Foundation (ENF). With the emergence and development of blockchain, the world has begun to pursue openness, transparency and decentralization in many industries. The connection between Web3.0 and emerging concepts such as Web5.0 and MetaFi will also reshape the rule system of wealth digitization and digital financial transactions, establish a new digital property rights system, and set off a new round of changes in the financial industry. EOSYIeld liquidity incentive plan, ENF funding framework, Pomelo, nine core working groups and other measures are taken simultaneously to jointly revive the EOS ecosystem. The development pattern of the SEOSDeFi ecosystem will be DeFi-based NFT, Metaverse, MetaFi and Web3.0 And the direction of Web5.0 development. The SEOS technology and operation team was launched in the UK on January 5, 2018. It was invested by the LloydsTSB Group in the UK at an early stage, and was jointly created by Yaniv Leven, the founder of the SEOS technology team, and Bennett, a former core member of the EOSBM technology team. , Eossaas Aggregateecology aims to promote the globalization of EOS, create a more complete SEOS ecosystem, and build a blockchain consensus community.

EOS SAAS is a new cross-chain aggregation ecological platform based on the empowerment of the EOS Network Foundation. SEOS is a platform token issued by the EOS SAAS aggregation ecosystem. By connecting the digital economy blockchain and the NFT industry, using the “blockchain +” The business model establishes a commercial digital financial ecosystem. It will seize the wealth opportunities in the Web3.0 era, build the world’s first web3.0 and MetaFi aggregation platform, and create a Metaverse Space Mall through Metaverse technology, embracing the economy and empowering the EOS public chain. EOS SAAS has created multiple application scenarios, covering web3.0 aggregation platform, Metaverse space mall, DeFi decentralized finance, NFT trading platform and NFT pledge loan, Swap, MetaFi and more application scenarios. SEOS is a circulation token. SEOS comes with WEB3.0 attributes, and the unique NFT casting, destruction, and equity mechanism of the EOS SAAS platform will also enable the DeFi of NFT to develop more steadily and long-term.

Ted edward, president of SEOS operations, said that while completing the global popularization of eos, improving the EOS ecosystem, and building the three major missions of SEOS, the SEOS ecosystem will be built. Next, the SEOS ecosystem wallet, Swap, and NFT exchanges will be established. The research institute empowers more projects on EOS to land ecologically, and at the same time builds SEOS into the mainnet token. The creation of SEOS ecology brings more activity to the chain, allows our ecosystem to develop more deeply and healthily, and brings A deeper pool of liquidity funds, creating a healthier and more prosperous DeFi ecosystem, allowing all active participants to continuously benefit from increased on-chain activity. Based on the development trend and demand of the aggregated computing power industry, EOS SAAS has “cut a figure” in the industry in a very short period of time since its inception. At the same time, it has quickly attracted the enthusiasm and favor of VCs in the financial field and many well-known investment institutions around the world. The EOS SAAS aggregation ecology will create more business value for global users, and SEOS welcomes global users to participate together. EOS SAAS will bring real benefits to all users, promote the prosperity of the blockchain ecology, and jointly pay attention to the subsequent wonderful performance. The breakthrough of Web3.0 must rely on rich ecological applications. With the gradual improvement of the overall ecology, the era of Web5.0 and MetaFi will come soon.