WallStreet wolves opens up finance and makes assets boundless

There are two problems under the current financial system. The first is the efficiency problem. The cumbersome centralized transaction procedures will inevitably affect the transaction efficiency; The second is security. The current trust model of the financial system is not enough to have the trust of the public. As a solution to the trust problem, the blockchain technology provides a solution to the existing financial system.

Digital technology, as a new round of technological transformation, countries around the world have begun to actively transform their layout to digital. Many countries and enterprises have started to put forward blockchain + solutions and moved towards blockchain + action plans. The underlying foundation can be said to be a hundred flowers blooming with their own strengths. Blockchain has become a cutting-edge technology in the field of digital technology. The value Internet it builds is causing a new generation of technology and mode innovation, It has become a national strategy driven by national economy.


After years of development, the hope that the protocol layer of today’s main encryption ecosystem will be adopted by the mainstream is gradually disappearing. After all, the blockchain should not only bring a fair, transparent and decentralized financial real world to crypto enthusiasts, but also face all the public.

It has been more than ten years since the birth of bitcoin. People originally hoped to see retail level encryption products, but now they are nowhere to be found. Blockchain can be enabled in various vertical fields. Why haven’t we witnessed the results yet?

People all over the world interact with traditional financial products every day. If these products are completely decentralized and decentralized through the blockchain ecosystem, the assets will always be in the hands of users. To participate in the new decentralized financial system in a more simplified way is a practical problem that the blockchain should solve.

In the ecological world of WallStreet wolves, this is the goal we want to achieve. That is why we have established a simple and intelligent decentralized financial ecosystem based on blockchain technology.


WallStreet wolves uses the consensus mechanism of dpos + POS to create an integrated financial ecosystem around decentralized agreements such as financial mining, community governance, transaction agreements, lending platforms, stable cryptocurrencies, competitive guessing platforms, financial products, and online e-commerce platforms.

WallStreet wolves is a decentralized autonomous organization created based on blockchain technology. WallStreet wolves is building a dynamic global community to provide a decentralized, transparent and completely decentralized ecological environment, so that all citizens can regain their interest in cryptocurrency and be backed by real world assets.

WallStreet wolves is a new decentralized financial local asset class that allows all users to create cryptocurrency market accounts in the WallStreet wolves ecological environment. It allows any holder of crypto assets based on WallStreet wolves to earn interest and is supported by real-world assets implied on the chain. WallStreet wolves operates autonomously in a simple and transparent manner, so anyone can easily understand it and verify the accuracy of assets and mortgages on the chain.


The goal of WallStreet wolves is to build a universal, complete supporting functions, high performance, easy-to-use, good user experience and expandable decentralized financial ecology 4.0 infrastructure, and create decentralized financial applications supporting various chains. To this end, WallStreet wolves has made great improvements in all aspects of the blockchain infrastructure and made breakthrough innovations in some aspects. The main technological innovations of WallStreet wolves include:

(1)at the node communication level of the underlying P2P network, combining the advantages of the existing anonymous communication network based on tor and the distributed VPN based on blockchain, the original anonymous P2P communication network is realized, the anonymous access method of nodes is designed and implemented, and the private encrypted communication protocol is implemented, which greatly enhances the anonymity of nodes in the underlying communication network and ensures that the communication between nodes is difficult to track and crack.

(2) at the bottom data structure level, a new data structure, the enhanced directed acyclic graph (DAG) – hashnet (HN), is adopted to realize asynchronous and parallel event consensus verification and improve the scalability of the system.

(3) at the level of distributed consensus mechanism, a safe and efficient two-layer consensus mechanism is designed, which is based on hashnet consensus based on enhanced DAG and Byzantine negotiation (ba-vrf) consensus based on random selection function. This consensus mechanism has the characteristics of high concurrency and fast transaction confirmation, and can quickly build an ecosystem oriented to different application scenarios.


In the actual business, WallStreet wolves is also constantly absorbing and accepting all people who adhere to the concept of decentralization, and leading them to the ultimate freedom. Enriching the way of digital asset appreciation is an express train for digital asset holders to truly lead to wealth freedom. Perhaps volatility is an opportunity, but for most people, volatility often brings more risks. WallStreet wolves allows digital assets to flow through contracts in more scenarios, thus solving the problem of risk concentration.

Digital token is a highly community-based and self-made decentralized application. As a cross chain technical application, wolves will create a distributed financial network protocol composed of all financial organizations and provide basic financial services (savings, investment and social insurance) that do not depend on the government, banks or other traditional financial institutions in the event of a financial crisis. Adhering to the advantages of blockchain in data encryption, Internet freedom and decentralization, we will unite the self-made communities to jointly create a more free and decentralized financial world.