The world’s first metaverse cryptocurrency bank Pay Box officially launched on May 9

The world’s first Metaverse cryptocurrency bank, Pay Box, was officially launched on May 9. PayBox digital bank technology members are all composed of South Korea’s Toss Financial Technology Company and South Korea’s KB Quantitative Fund. They have 6 years of blockchain financial underlying technology, and are supported by Wall Street technical teams and Blackstone Investment Corporation. They will form a cross-platform digital bank in major countries around the world. Integrated payment channels, digital bank cards with independent IDs, decentralized quantitative systems, and global foreign exchange systems. In the independent public chain system, Pay Box will support the exchange of legal currencies and mainstream digital assets in many countries around the world through decentralized wallets as the main body and social integration.
Pay Box is an independent third-party mobile payment application platform provider for banks in Sweden, serving many established banking and financial institutions in Europe and the United States for a long time. Recently, Pay Box has teamed up with South Korea’s top senior blockchain technology team to use blockchain cross-chain technology to create a system that serves global digital banking services and realize comprehensive, efficient and convenient transfer and exchange of global legal tender and encrypted assets.