The significance of lingose to the chain game industry

As the topic of the web continues to heat up, people start to imagine the world of Web3. What may change is the way of life in the future, but what remains unchanged is the need for human entertainment and leisure. Lingose has always been focusing on the game track, hoping that people who travel the chain game world will not only have a good game experience but also get full rewards.

Games are the most user stickiness category of all web3 portals, and all Internet giants have to occupy a place here. Especially the game integration platform is a treasure trove of data traffic. The lingose team has been deeply involved in the game industry in the web2 era, combined with blockchain technology, and used the team’s professionalism and sensitivity to the industry to quickly lay out the Web3 game track, determined to become the largest game portal in Web3, allowing gamers from all over the world to connect through Lingose.

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On the official website of lingose, we can see that lingose has carried out in-depth cooperation with dozens of blockchain games. The methods of cooperation include completing the tasks within the game, completing the business independently developed by lingose for the game industry, and so on.

After long-term efforts, Lingose has begun to take shape. At present, the number of addresses that have completed tasks on the official website has exceeded 20,000, and the number of completed tasks has also exceeded hundreds of thousands. The number of visits is also increasing every day. Players can not only play cheerfully dozens of chain games by lingose, and you can also get game rewards before entering the game by completing some specific tasks. Therefore, it is natural to be one step ahead in the game, which is the most important reason for Lngose’s success.

The starting line of web3 is already full of people. On the game track, lingose is currently the best prepared. We have reason to believe that when the era of Web3 really arrives, when people think of games, the first game platform that entered people’s field of vision will be lingose, and lingose will usher in a blowout explosion. At this time, lingose’s vision for the future is slowly being realized, and it is constantly moving forward to become the largest game portal of Web3!