The Billion Powder Group Alliance Community distributed globally for the international high-quality autonomous community, will be the first to deploy EGG’s new Defi super public chain in 2021


Billion Powder Group (BPG)—— Billion Powder Group Alliance Community

In 2021, give priority to preaching on the EGG Network New DeFi super public chain and the social platform on the EFTalk chain


Billion Powder Group (BPG)-billion powder group community. “Billions, representing hundreds of millions of numbers; fans, representing blockchain enthusiasts; groups, representing consensus, unity and symbiotic development; hundreds of millions of fans are united, co-governance, consensus, and sharing of development dividends in the decentralized era.”

The Yifan Group is a consensus community formed autonomously by global blockchain enthusiasts. Community users come from all over the world, including the United States, Israel, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, etc., aiming to create a community ecological circle of high-quality boutique blockchain social networking.



Connect high-quality communities and groups, and continuously in-depth interactive learning. Create a strong consensus in the blockchain industry, realize the popularization of landing applications in the era of decentralization, and make every effort to promote the consensus value of high-quality projects on the chain.


Promote the continuous innovation of the blockchain industry, expand the flow of fan groups, build a large and extensive consensus group distributed, and finally form the benchmark for the entire decentralized social network.


Openness, integration, consensus, unity, mutual assistance, and win-win

Direction of development:

1、The development path of the community is represented in six scenarios: first, the traffic field, the cognitive field, the connection field, the trust field, the information field, and the consensus field.

2、The community is not only reconstructing the relationship between people, but also a place to learn from each other. It is also an opportunity for individuals to change the status quo. The future must belong to the era of decentralized applications, and the development of the chain ecology is the direction.

  1. In line with the open and inclusive management concept, the decentralized expansion of the community’s global consensus, and multi-community exchanges, jointly promote the ecological value and strengthen the consensus of high-quality blockchain projects.

The core idea of the community:

1、Create user output value, establish exquisite benchmark fan groups, reconstruct network connections, resource connections, and personal energy field connectors.

2、Complete the multi-environment development connection on the chain, link up the consensus groups, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

3、Set up project exchange scenarios, focus on flow creation, high-quality fan groups, consensus building, development promotion, currency chain circle information, project exchanges, market summary, practical promotion, self-media matrix, network-wide promotion and other mutual empowerment, Mutual connection; through the three-dimensional value output, the comprehensive application ability and cognitive ability of individual users on the chain of social interaction are improved.


Billion Powder Group (BPG)——Fully preach high-quality blockchain projects