The Best Voice-held by Melody- the first ever music contest in metaverse, with over USD $100,000 rewards for you!

Melody, the Web3.0 music social platform, will launch the first ever” The Best Voice!” metaverse music contest on Nov, 2022, with prizes starting at $100,000 USDT! The aim is to become the most successful show in the history of metaverse Web 3.0 space.

The co-organizers of the contest include Melody, Dr.Ji, Nswap, Chucky. And its collaborators include ABGA, Bitmart, Comma3 Ventures, DeGame, Element, SaaSGo, Tokenpocket, etc.

The concept of the series consists of discovering infectious quality music from music creators around the world, with the winner determined by a global audience and professional judges.

Contestants globally can choose from a diverse range of creations, including, but not limited to, human voices, nature sounds, and post-compositional sounds;

Sing to Own: Contestants can easily upload their music on chain, ensuring ownership and a permanent record of their music. Truly own your creative assets with full transparency!

About the Music Competition process: From November 20 to December 15, the official global audition will be held. The semi-final round and final round will include exciting live-streaming PK sessions and massive prize pools.


Registration link:

Melody is the leading Web3.0 entertainment and Social App in metaverse that motivate users to earn passive income through music creation, karaoke, live-steaming and more!