Seed Dune: Future star reshaping the social ecology

The term Web 3.0 was coined in 2014 by Ethereum co-founder Gavin Wood. At a basic level, Web 3.0 refers to a decentralized online ecosystem based on blockchain. From a macro perspective, Web3.0 represents the next stage of the Internet, and may also represent the next milestone of human society.

The core of Web3.0 lies in its decentralized mechanism. Users have the ownership of the data they create, and any platform or other people cannot modify or use these data without the user’s permission. Users can realize their own data based on Web3.0. At the same time, the security of decentralized data can be guaranteed. The current awakening of user data security and value awareness has determined that the decentralized Web3.0 will gradually replace the centralized Web2.0 as an inevitable trend of the times.

SeedDune is a private social networking platform built on Web3 infrastructure, providing users with a safe and decentralized space to connect and communicate with friends and like-minded people. By harnessing the power of blockchain technology, SeedDune ensures user data remains private and secure, while also giving users full control over their personal information.


In the wave of the digital age, we have witnessed the rise and fall of countless technological products, but only Seed Dune, with its unique perspective and outstanding innovation, leads us into a new era of social ecology.


Seed Dune 1.0 is an intelligent social media aggregation platform, which aggregates diverse social media and allows us to manage all social accounts on one platform. This innovative design greatly improves our efficiency and makes our social life more convenient and orderly.

However, Seed Dune didn’t stop there, it launched version 2.0 with an open and innovative spirit. In this version, Seed Dune integrates blockchain technology to create an NFT/SFT trading platform. This platform not only supports NFT of ERC-721 standard, but also supports SFT of ERC-3525 standard. The emergence of this platform provides us with a brand-new art exchange and trading space, and promotes the integration of digital art and physical art.


Entering version 3.0, Seed Dune once again broke through the traditional boundaries and introduced holographic 3D social interaction. Using the latest holographic imaging technology, we can make 3D video calls with distant family members and friends, which has a stronger sense of reality, making us feel like we are in each other’s space, breaking geographical restrictions, and realizing real face-to-face communication.

In this rich and diverse ecology, Seed Dune has also set up a seed fund to provide users with a new and profitable way of participation through a unique three-token model. Users can use SEED and SEE to pledge, and they can get SDD after 10 days of pledge, and the pledged SEED and SEE will be destroyed at the same time. This design allows users to enjoy economic benefits while enjoying the high-quality services provided by Seed Dune.

Whether it is providing us with convenient social services, or creating a new art trading space for us, or bringing us a new 3D social experience, or even providing us with a new and profitable way of participation, Seed Dune has shown its incomparable charm and potential. This is a platform with rich ecology, deep innovation, forward-looking perspective and real economic returns. Here, everyone can find their own position and realize their own value.


The ecology of Seed Dune also contains a large number of innovative elements. For example, its one-stop trading platform not only supports cross-chain and cross-category NFT/SFT transactions, but also provides the function of Gas-free casting, which greatly reduces the participation cost of users. In addition, Seed Dune also adopts a decentralized storage method to ensure data persistence and immutability, improving the security and credibility of the platform.

In the social field, Seed Dune also has unique innovations. Holographic 3D social networking allows us to communicate with others through holographic images, which not only enhances the realism of communication, but also broadens the possibility of social interaction. Whether it is a 3D video call with distant family and friends, or a real holographic image social experience at any time and in any scene, Seed Dune can provide us with an excellent solution.

As an important part of the Seed Dune ecosystem, seed funding provides a new and profitable way to participate. The three-token model of the seed fund, with its unique design, has attracted a large number of user participation. And this kind of participation is not only the support for the Seed Dune ecology, but also the pursuit of self-interest. The seed fund is designed so that participants can benefit from the service while enjoying the service.

In addition to the above features, Seed Dune is constantly exploring and innovating. Its goal is to create a real, inclusive, innovative and valuable social ecology. In this ecology, everyone can find their own position and realize their own value.


In general, Seed Dune is leading us to a new era of social ecology with its rich ecology, innovative design, comprehensive services and favorable economic model. This is a platform worthy of our in-depth understanding and active participation. Let us look forward to Seed Dune can bring us more surprises and possibilities.

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