“PearCoin Exchange + Gauss Public Chain” OEX3 token shapes its own value moat

Many world-renowned exchanges have their own blockchain systems. Just like the cryptocurrency exchange Binance owns the Binance Chain and Binance Smart Chain smart contract blockchains, the two public chains coexist. Not only Binance exchange, OKChain is the public chain of OKX exchange, Huobi Exchange and South Korean exchange Bithumb have their own public chain.

As the gateway to the cryptocurrency world, exchanges play the most important and profitable role in the cryptocurrency industry.

Exchanges build their own blockchain networks primarily so that they can solidify their positions as industry leaders and build moats around their respective businesses to some extent. Recently, the PearCoin Exchange exchange based on the Gauss high-performance public chain was officially launched. As an ecological scenario of the Gauss public chain, PearCoin Exchange transaction will be fully operated by the OEX3 token of the Gauss public chain. By developing its own blockchain, PearCoin Exchange will be able to increase its market share and operate more efficiently, with the support of the Gauss public chain and OEX3 token, increasing the usability of the exchange and the flexibility of trading products, Attract as many traders as possible, increase user base and become the main driver of OEX3 token through their profits.

GAUSS is a public chain system whose primary goal is to support the cross-chain development of the token economy. The GAUSS public chain is a network composed of many independent blockchains. Under this innovative technical framework, these functions are To build the foundation of the future token economy, the GAUSS public chain moves the practice of token economy to the chain, and realizes expansion by linking isomorphic chains. Each chain runs under the support of the same GAUSS CONSENSUS, has the characteristics of high performance and consistency, and can effectively suppress malicious saboteurs under the strict fork accountability mechanism, with high security. With the continuous development of the blockchain and cryptocurrency markets, more and more digital assets will be issued, and the business threshold of the PearCoin Exchange will be higher and higher. Having its own public chain will help establish barriers to entry in the industry. At the same time, many operations and capital flows (deposits, withdrawals or settlements) can be automated through smart contracts, allowing more high-quality assets to be listed at lower costs.

PearCoin Exchange will fully use the OEX3 token. PearCoin Exchange takes the protection of the interests of investors as the first priority, actively develops in compliance, and strives to create a professional and stable trading platform, linking traditional and digital finance. The exchange is headquartered in New Zealand and has comprehensive offices in the United States, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Vietnam and other places, with more than 12,000 global daily active users and an average daily exchange volume of more than 450 million US dollars. PearCoin Exchange provides spot trading functions, derivatives trading functions, quantitative strategy follow-up functions, digital asset insurance functions and all-weather aggregated over-the-counter transactions. It has a variety of special functions and a full-dimensional security system for investors, project parties and third-party trading software to maximize the trading experience and digital asset security.

OEX3 token is based on Gauss public chain technology, with a total circulation of 100 million pieces. It is expected to be launched on January 18, 2023. The 50 million OEX3 tokens issued in the first phase will be subscribed by institutions, technical teams and communities, and all will be locked and released linearly. The remaining 50 million OEX3 tokens are all produced through the ecosystem.

The OEX3 token will be able to be destroyed and mined on the PearCoin Exchange, the listing party will pledge to obtain transaction fee rebates, users pledge to reduce transaction fees, and have platform dividend rights and DAO community governance rights. As the only platform token of the PearCoin Exchange, the OEX3 token is equivalent to the equity token of the exchange. Not only will OEX3 not be diluted, but it will continue to deflate during the operation of the exchange. With the growth of the PearCoin Exchange, it is estimated that As the value rises, the potential value of the OEX3 token will be released accordingly.

With the long-term development of PearCoin Exchange, the bundled Gauss public chain will endow more business ecology and financial applications. The OEX3 token is not only the platform currency of the exchange, but the native token of the blockchain ecosystem, broadening the usability of the token and inevitably raising its value to a higher level.