OliveX Web3.0 Global Online Exchange Launch Event: Leading the Next Generation of Digital Asset Trading

On June 25, 2023, the highly anticipated OliveX Web3.0 Global Online Exchange Launch Event took place, attracting the attention of industry leaders, technical experts, and digital asset enthusiasts from around the world. This event marked a significant milestone for OliveX as it ventured into a transformative era, showcasing its pioneering position.

Themed “Embrace the Future, Lead the Infinite,” the launch event showcased OliveX’s innovative ideas as a Web3.0-era exchange and its commitment to exceptional integration solutions. Distinguished guests included Mr. Chua Chee Seng, President of the Asian Blockchain Association; Mr. Tony, President of the HKBA Hong Kong Blockchain Association; Mr. JJ, Senior Account Manager at Zebec; Mr. Issac Lee, Co-founder and CEO of OliveX; and Ethan, Director of Overseas Markets at OliveX. They shared insights into the latest trends and developments in the digital asset industry and provided an outlook on OliveX’s position and future plans in the Web3.0 era.

President Chua Chee Seng provided an industry perspective on the new transformations brought by digital assets in the Web3.0 era. He mentioned that aggregating and integrating exchanges would become a trend in the future of the crypto finance industry, offering users more diversified trading options and investment opportunities. President Tony offered an in-depth analysis of the digital asset trading track and the Hong Kong Blockchain Association’s insights, providing us with a more detailed understanding of the industry track. Ethan, the Director of Overseas Markets at OliveX, provided a comprehensive introduction to OliveX, showcasing a real and innovative OliveX. Through his presentation, we gained a deeper understanding of OliveX’s mission and vision, which includes ensuring the security of users’ assets while facilitating seamless participation in trading, development, DeFi, NFTs, Gamefi, metaverse, and other aspects of the holistic trading experience.

Mr. JJ, the Senior Account Manager at Zebec, viewed OliveX from the perspective of Zebec and expressed confidence in OliveX’s groundbreaking CEX-DEX exchange solution. He believed that it would become a cutting-edge technology in the digital asset field of the Web3.0 era, building the OliveX consensus ecosystem that spans the entire industry.

Lastly, OliveX’s CEO, Issac Lee, provided an in-depth analysis of OliveX’s future plans and prospects. He shared OliveX’s plans in AI GPT technology trading, public chain ecosystem development, virtual reality platforms, and the metaverse. His speech further deepened our understanding of OliveX, showcasing its strategic layout and development prospects in different fields.

The entire event revolved around the sharing and explanations from the esteemed guests, highlighting OliveX’s leadership position in the digital asset trading field and its future vision. As the leader in the convergence of digital trading models in the Web3.0 era, OliveX has opened a new gateway to wealth for us. In this era full of opportunities, OliveX calls upon every supporter to seize the opportunity and collectively create a new legend.

The importance of the team was also emphasized during the event, highlighting the ongoing dedication of an excellent team in building and developing the ecosystem. Through today’s event, we not only witnessed OliveX’s strong capabilities in funding, technology, operations, and strategic planning but also recognized that the successful promotion of the entire ecosystem’s development relies on the efforts of every supporter.

Through this launch event, we gained a clearer understanding of OliveX’s mission, vision, and development plans. As an exchange that integrates innovative technology and multi-domain trading experiences, OliveX strives to lead industry development and build a new digital asset trading ecosystem. We look forward to OliveX continuing to play a leading role in the Web3.0 era, bringing more innovation and opportunities to users, and jointly creating a new era of digital asset trading that belongs to us all.

Olive Website: olivex.pro

Olive Twitter: https://twitter.com/OliveX_Exchange