NFT financial application Rora Play officially launched on the Pancakeswap exchange on May 31

The NFT+DeFi 2.0 decentralized financial protocol Rora Play community media announced that it has completed IDO, and its token RORA PRO will be launched on the Pancakeswap decentralized exchange at 15:00 (UTC+8) on May 31. Andreessen Horowitz (A16Z), Infinity Ventures Crypto (IVC), YGG SEA, Blackstone Group, Riot Games, Circle, Digital Currency Group, Polygon VCs participated in the investment in Rora Play, and jointly created the NFT+DeFi2.0 metaverse aggregation ecology.



Rora Play is based on the underlying protocol of BSC and uses Layer2 technology to build and connect a blockchain network compatible with Ethereum. The layout includes decentralized lending (DeFi), metaverse games, decentralized exchanges (Dex), decentralization A complete decentralized business ecosystem for centralized wallets and blockchain malls.


NFTs give the possibility of ownership and traceability of digital content, allowing people to purchase content from creators around the world with an almost instant transfer of value. NFT technology is far from widespread adoption and reaching its full potential. Rora Play realizes the “financialization” of NFT through the DeFi decentralized financial protocol, which can solve the current liquidity, accessibility and applicability of NFT. Rora Play will become the rocket fuel of NFT.



RORA PRO is the only platform token of Rora Play, with a total circulation of 1 million pieces. It is mainly produced by users participating in NFT mining and LP liquidity pool mining. It is applied to NFT card synthesis and LP liquidity pool mining in the Rora Play ecosystem. , lock referral relationship and DAO community governance credentials. RORA PRO has a strong deflation mechanism. 40% of the transaction fee generated in Rora Play trading activities will be directly destroyed. With the continuous circulation of RORA PRO, it will eventually deflate to 10,000 pieces.

In the field of NFT, Rora Play launched the Aurora PLAY investment plan to directly airdrop RORA NFT cards to whitelisted users. NFT cards have a certain basic computing power, and more RORA PRO can be obtained through computing power mining. Users can synthesize higher-level NFT cards by providing 50% RORA PRO+50% USDT. More advanced NFT cards will bring stronger computing power and higher output.


Rora Play gives the holder relevant rights and interests, and realizes the ownership confirmation and circulation of digital assets by generating a unique code. Rora Play will create synergies with DeFi through digital asset ownership confirmation and value measurement to realize new value propositions and application scenarios.


The Rora Play aggregation platform aims to establish an open trading platform, connect buyers and sellers of NFT products, and bring users a better experience through the NFT+DeFi2.0 decentralized financial protocol. With the low user threshold, good user experience and continuous community building to build Rora Play’s core competitiveness, the first-mover advantage and scale effect enable it to face the challenges of many competitors and still maintain its position.