New track, new ecology and new mechanism – SPIRE DAO, the next dark horse in the currency circle in 2022

The earthquake in the currency circle on May 11 caused the darling of the currency circle, LUNA, to collapse. On that day, the market value shrank by 40 billion US dollars, and the price was crazy by more than 99%, which caused all the mainstream coins to plummet. In this “LUNA Black Swan Incident”, some people’s contracts exploded with millions of dollars, and some people lost their money. More believers’ coins shrunk by 99.9999%, and assets worth 10 million have shrunk to a few dollars. , 5 days ago you could buy a villa, but now you can’t get a hamburger. Many people are left with nothing and debt.

A new favorite of the top 10 mainstream coins in the world can plummet by more than 99% in one day. Are those golden dogs and local dogs in the Defi field still hopeless? Where are the next mines and traps?

As the popularity cycle of new projects is getting shorter and shorter, and the decline has become less and less bottom line, the entire currency circle, both players and project parties, have become more anxious and confused, even fearful and uneasy.

Regarding the development of the blockchain, Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance Exchange, said in an interview with the media in early May that the blockchain can not only have an incentive mechanism, but also a revenue model. Blindly relying on the issuance of tokens without revenue support will eventually lead to The bubble builds up and collapses. In this sentence, isn’t that the case with IPFS, the world’s largest mining project? 2021 has also been likened to the “year of mining disaster”. All mining projects in the BZZ, Chia and Polkadot series have left the vast majority of miners with nothing to lose.

Speculating coins will lose money, hoarding coins will also lose money, and mining will also lose money. Is there any stable profit area in the currency circle?

The answer is obvious. That is the airdrop. The so-called airdrop means that the token issuer distributes tokens for free to token holders before listing on the exchange. Since the airdrop is distributed free of charge, it is almost zero cost for individuals and institutions who are involved in the airdrop, but the future value is very large, especially the token airdrop of high-quality blockchain projects. For example: Uniswap’s platform token UNI, Dfinity public chain token ICP, decentralized exchange DYDX’s platform token Dydx, Ethereum domain name system ENS token ENS, and LUNA, which plummeted on May 11.

There is a classic summary of the living conditions of the strata in the currency circle: speculating coins is not as good as hoarding coins, hoarding coins is not as good as mining, mining is not as good as new, and new is not as good as airdrops.


In the digital currency ecosystem, airdrops are the top circle and the spire stage with the lowest investment and the highest return. Like the Internet, blockchain is the king of traffic and data. For blockchain projects, on the one hand, it requires the import of currency holders’ traffic, and on the other hand, it requires users to interact with the platform or network data. Airdrops are the conventional and best way to gain traffic and build consensus. And there are too many examples of getting wealth through airdrops. In June 2018, the DFINITY public chain conducted an ICP airdrop worth $35 million to early community members. 16.5% of the total circulation. In the airdrop activity, many accounts have obtained more than 10 or even more than 100 ICP tokens, which are worth tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars after going online. Uniswap’s platform currency allocates 60% of the platform currency to Uniswap community members, airdrops ranging from 60-400 per account, and even 1,000 rewards for some high-quality customers, with a maximum market value of 60,000 US dollars. The decentralized exchange DYDX airdropped the token dYdX on September 8, 2021 to all users who had previously interacted on the platform. Accounts with a trading volume of more than $100,000 can get 9,529.86 tokens, which are worth $200,000 on the day of listing. Some of them created 800 accounts and obtained 930,000 dydx tokens, which are worth more than 9 million US dollars according to the price of 20 US dollars on the day of listing.

Airdrops are a stable and profitable area for the entire currency circle. Earn more and earn less, depending on your information, expertise and number of accounts. Airdrops are essentially the realization of the value of data. For the coin issuer, it uses assets to exchange data. For the participants in the airdrop, it is equivalent to exchanging their own data traffic for valuable assets, which is a bit similar to the Internet platform burning money to buy members.

The airdrop industry is the business of gathering traffic and turning it into a valuable asset. If it can be industrialized and scaled, it will have a huge wealth effect. In the blockchain industry, there are many cases of sub-industries gathering wealth. For example, Bitmain is a company that develops and sells bitcoin mining equipment, and has built a billion-dollar wealth empire. Mining machine research and development and sales, exchanges, media, etc. are all sub-fields, with unicorns and head platforms. The field of airdrops is still in the blue ocean, and there is no unicorn yet, and it has great development potential and economic value.

SPIRE DAO is the world’s first DAO organization based in the field of airdrops, and is also committed to the industrialization of airdrops to form a complete industrial ecology. DAO means a decentralized autonomous organization based on the chain, which can also be said to be a decentralized company or platform. In fact, both BTC and ETH are DAOs, and the holders of BTC and ETH are its DAO members. In the future, DAO autonomous organizations will have their own business scope, strategic positioning, profit model, business plan, etc., just like traditional companies. At present, there are tens of thousands of DAO organizations and DAO platforms all over the world, which are divided into eight fields, and each field has a unicorn platform. DAO autonomous companies have become an irresistible development trend. SPIRE DAO has opened up a new track – the world’s first DAO based on the airdrop industry ecology, which is an ecology containing hundreds of billions of wealth.

SPIRE DA O is an autonomous community jointly initiated by senior blockchain players and technology geeks from all over the world. The start-up team members of SPIRE DAO have more than five years of experience in the field of airdrops and participate in airdrops of many high-quality projects (such as UNI, ICP , ENS, DYDX, LUNA, etc.), with rich industry experience and high-quality resources. The positioning of the community is to only do the apex stage of high-quality blockchain projects – the airdrop of value projects. Minima, one of the main airdrop projects currently being promoted, has the potential of tens of billions of market value.

Turning airdrops into an industry requires several elements: 1. Information and resources in the global blockchain field; 2. Professional investment and research teams and large-scale interactive equipment; 3. Hundreds of thousands of blockchains professional player.

The start-up team of SPIRE DAO has top-level information, resources, professional investment and research teams and tens of thousands of computer clusters, but it needs to attract hundreds of thousands of professional blockchain players.

In order to make the airdrop industry bigger and stronger, SPIRE DAO attracts more blockchain enthusiasts, value investors and DAO communities from all over the world through the community autonomous token Spire and DEFI3.0 (incentive mechanism + income model) mechanism In the ecological construction, build a top-level DAO with high cognition, high consensus and high autonomy, build the world’s largest zero-rolling iron army, empower high-quality projects, and share the huge dividends of the industry.

The biggest advantage of DeFi is that there are many participants and fast gathering traffic, but the disadvantage is the income model, which is completely maintained by community consensus and incentive mechanisms, and lacks sustainable development momentum. Generally, a project will fall to the bottom as soon as it is launched, and projects promoted by multiple communities will become unfinished after two or three waves of promotion. The biggest advantage of the airdrop industry is that the cost is extremely low and the value is high, but the disadvantage is that the realization time period is long and there is a lack of cash flow income.

The original DeFi 3.0 mechanism of SPIRE DAO skillfully combines the advantages of the two, and at the same time resolves all the disadvantages of the two. Quickly gather traffic through DeFi, realize cash flow income through the destruction and mining mechanism, and realize income model and long-term profitability through opening blind box airdrop accounts and assets and other ecological sectors of the airdrop industry.

SPIRE DAO has a long-term strategic layout. The entire industry ecology includes five major sectors: 1. DeFi3.0; 2. DAO governance NFT and DAO in DAO; 3. Blockchain industry education and consultation; 4. Airdrop industry (account and assets) Trading market; 5. Airdrop industry metaverse. The future development of SPIRE DAO is accomplished through community pass and node governance, and its ecology will become more complete as the community grows.

Culture is the soul of an organization and the cornerstone of an organization’s longevity. Culture is even more important for a decentralized autonomous organization, DAO. SPIRE DAO also has a unique community culture: its vision is to create a unicorn in the airdrop industry; its mission is to turn traffic into value; its values ​​are professional, dedicated, collaborative, and win-win.

In short, the three elements for a platform to be successful – new track, new ecology and new mechanism SPIRE DAO have all been provided. We have reason to believe that SPIRE DAO will become a dark horse in the blockchain industry in 2022.

Spire (spire token), as the only community ecological governance token of SPIRE DAO, is scarce in quantity, five-fold destruction, extreme deflation, and four-wheel drive. It has huge appreciation potential and is worth looking forward to. At present, SPIRE DAO is airdropping Spire to global blockchain players and recruiting city nodes. Pancakeswap transactions will be launched after the airdrop.



Positioning determines status, circles determine wealth, SPIRE DAO welcomes you to join