New benchmark for GameFi! The Metaverse racing game SUPER FOR SPEED will be launched soon!

According to SFS community news, the RAC GameFi SUPER FOR SPEED, developed by Electronic Arts "Need for Speed" company, jointly invested by A16Z, YGG and BlackRock Capital, and ported from traditional PS4 and X360 platforms, is scheduled to go online shortly. SUPER FOR SPEED's original gameplay, embedded Play-to-Earn 2.0 financial model, adheres to the principle that the greater the community contribution, the greater the gain.

SUPER FOR SPEED is the first game on the metaverse aggregation ecosystem, with a total issuance of 200 million platform passes (SFS). With more than 100 realistic super cars NFT in the game, and a newly developed full series of race tracks, gamers can upgrade and improve their cars. Gamers combine the virtual economy with the metaverse through PVP game mode and immersive game experience and build an ethical, decentralized, entertaining and innovative metaverse game ecosystem.