Meet at the top, focus on Web3 | Smart Finance was invited to participate in the offline conference of “WEB3 BUILDER MEETUP” in Sydney

On February 9th, “WEB3 BUILDER MEETUP” was held in Sydney. Smart Finance was invited to attend this Meet Up offline meeting, and discussed cutting-edge topics such as “2023 Web3.0 New Trends” and “Web3.0 Industry Landing” with many industry experts Start a heated discussion.


Hosted by Observe Labs, this conference is an offline exchange gathering for global Web3 Builders, aiming to discover more Web3 unicorns, provide a place for Web3 Builders from all over the world to communicate and share, and jointly explore the innovative potential of Web3.0 Theory and Practice.

In this Meet Up conference, Smart Finance community representatives were invited to attend the special event of this conference and delivered a keynote speech, sharing the product matrix and application practice of Smart Finance in Web3.0 practice.

Smart Finance is committed to the development and promotion of GameFi globally, and integrates the value Internet with Web3.0 as the core into the society in an easier and more efficient way. Smart Finance integrates the development of global chain games. Users can simplify operations through Smart Finance and quickly capture the investment income brought by participating in GameFi and SocialFi.

The current Smart Finance product matrix includes S-swap, GameList, SmartNFT, and SLanunch.

1. S-swap
S-swap has similar functions to DEXs such as Uniswap and pancakeswap, in which users can perform operations such as pledge mining, liquidity mining and trading. At the same time, users can complete NFT secondary market transactions, token exchanges, and liquidity provision through S-swap.


The GameList platform gathers various game NFTs obtained by users of GameFi projects with a high comprehensive index in these cooperative GameFi projects, and can buy and sell cooperative game NFTs (including character and prop NFTs) in Smart Finance.


Smart Royal NFT is the main NFT of Smart Finance, which represents the team badge of Smart Finance and symbolizes the power and interests of the Smart family. Smart Finance will issue 3,000 Smart Royal NFTs. Holders will pre-mine governance tokens for 7 days and are eligible to participate in hot start mining to permanently mine governance tokens.


S-Launch is like a platform for the launch of the GameFi project. Community users and investors can have the opportunity to purchase SMART tokens and NFT assets of Smart Finance in the early stages of the project. At the same time, Smart Finance also set a rule that users who hold a certain amount of SMART tokens and reach a sufficient holding time will be eligible to invest in new GameFi projects.

This sharing by the Smart Finance community will be based on its own profound technical research and development accumulation and the innovative practice of the platform in Web3.0 applications, bringing the industry’s cutting-edge technology interpretation and best implementation cases to the majority of Web3 builders. Explore the cutting-edge product concepts in GameFi, NFT, AIGC and other fields, and lead the consensus to explore the most “cutting-edge” Smart Finance & Web3.0 innovation road.