Lingose Value System

Lingose is a protocol that records users’ online behavior, giving users better value for their behavior on the blockchain. With the perfect product system, it also has its own value system, which supports the long-term stable operation of the entire platform. Lingose’s value system includes Game Distribution and Promotion, Campaign Publish System, NFT Cross-Game Use, Game Community, Open Financial Service Platform, and Game Center.

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1. Game Distribution And Promotion

Integrate game user data. By analyzing the performance of ID accounts, game publishers are supported to distribute NFT through user qualification behavior. Carry out community airdrop and other marketing and operation activities.

The allocation quota is determined according to the level and participation of the user’s Lingose ID. ID accounts with rich game experience may become white list users directly participating in new games.

Provide data interface for game publishers by opening API. It is used to accurately query the user’s on-chain and off-chain behaviors.

2. Campaign Publish System

As an important part of Lingose, the platform will publish campaigns irregularly. It also provides a platform for partners to publish campaigns. Users can receive campaigns and get platform rewards after completion.

Lingose provides rich infrastructure. It can help the project achieve operational marketing activities through a variety of NFT playing methods.

3. NFT Cross-Game Use

Lingose will cooperate with game publishers. For the high-value NFT certificates issued by platform, obtain the NFT assets of the game through snapshot, pledge or replacement. Achieve the cross game circulation of the same set of NFT certificates.

4. Open Financial Service Platform

Users can carry out a series of financial activities on the platform by their credit rating, including renting NFT in the game, mortgaging your NFT to borrow, participating in NFT auction, etc.

5. Game Center

Game Recommendation
Game Center will publish the recommended games and give a detailed introduction to the games and the latest method. It will also publish the latest campaign information.

Game Evaluation System
In order to prevent the falsification of traditional game evaluation, Lingose improves the game evaluation. The game evaluation will first verify the signature of the address where the evaluation is released. Then it will check if the user has participated in the game by pop.

Game Leaderboard
The Game Center will rank the games according to the multi-dimensional information such as the campaign of the game, player participation and evaluation. It is convenient for users to choose their favorite games.

Game Information Push
Game publishers can screen players through pop. Publish campaign to qualified users through the campaign publishing system. At the same time, the Game Center will push the game information to the target users through the on-site letter.

6. Game Community

Lingose will gather corresponding users to build a chain game community according to the level and EXP value of game users. Users can communicate game strategies within the community. Improve game skills, trade game equipment and experience game fun.