Lead in the wave of innovation in the era of Web3.0, a decentralized financial protocol of NFT + DeFi 2.0, Rora Play, will open IDO in the near future.

Lead in the wave of innovation in the era of Web3.0, a decentralized financial protocol of NFT + DeFi 2.0, Rora Play, will open IDO in the near future. Andreessen Horowitz (A16Z), Infinity Ventures Crypto (IVC), YGG SEA, Blackstone Group, Riot Games, Circle, Digital Currency Group, Polygon and other top VC capital institutions are about to settle in Rora Play.

After Rora Play plans to complete IDO, its token RORA PRO will soon log in to the internationally renowned decentralized exchange (Gate, Pancakeswap, Ascendex to be determined), and start the construction of NFT + DeFi2.0 Metaverse polymerization ecology synchronously.


What is Rora Play?

Rora Play polymerization platform, aiming at establishing an open trading platform, connects buyers and sellers of NFT products through NFT + DeFi2.0 decentralized financial protocol to bring users a better experience. With the low user threshold, good user experience and continuous community construction, Rora Play has built its core competitiveness. Its first mover advantage and scale effect enable it to face the challenges of many competitors and still stabilize its position.

Rora Play endows the holder with relevant rights and interests, and realizes the ownership confirmation and transfer of digital assets by generating unique codes. As an important infrastructure of Metaverse, NFT realizes the transaction circulation and value transfer in Metaverse through the confirmation and value measurement of digital assets. It is the core element of building the economic system in the social form of Metaverse.

Andreessen Horowitz (A16Z) and US Blackstone Group Capital have reached a cooperation protocol with riot games to establish the Rora Play Fund foundation to jointly build a decentralized polymerization platform for Rora Play, so as to better help Rora Play from 0 to 1 and move towards success.

NFT + DeFi 2.0 Metaverse Polymerization Ecology

Based on the BSC underlying protocol, Rora Play uses Layer2 technology to build and connect a blockchain network compatible with Ethereum. The layout includes decentralized loaning (DeFi), Metaverse game, decentralized exchange (Dex), decentralized wallet and a complete decentralized business ecosystem of blockchain mall. At the same time, the whole Rora Play ecology is completely managed by “code”. Rora Play subverts the traditional mode of economic cooperation and gives everyone in the organization the right to manage and make decisions on major affairs, so that the organizational ecology can develop healthily and stably under the autonomous system.


Rora Play Economic Model

RORA PRO is the only platform token of Rora Play, with a total circulation of 1 million. It is mainly produced by users participating in NFT mining and LP liquidity pool mining, which is applied to payment, charging and governance in Rora Play ecology. RORA Pro has a strong deflation mechanism. 40% of the transaction fees generated in Rora Play trading activities will be directly destroyed. RORA Pro will eventually deflate to 10000, which is extremely scarce.

In the field of NFT, Rora Play launched the Aurora Play investment plan, which will directly airdrop RORA NFT cards to white list users. NFT cards have certain basic computing power, and more RORA PRO can be obtained through computing power mining. When the whole network reaches the value of 1 million computing power, the mining of NFT computing power is started. The higher the weight of personal computing power in the whole network, the higher the revenue of computing power. At the same time, Rora Play designs a variety of promotion incentives, and users who successfully recommend new users will receive additional computing power Buff.

With the mission of promoting the rapid implementation of NFT applications in the world, Rora Play is committed to becoming the world’s top NFT basic implementation, a necessary tool for NFT welcomed by ecological users and developers, and a world leading NFT + Defi2.0 innovative application platform has become the “key” to open the confirmation of Metaverse assets.