layout the decentralized financial system of DFI, and the ang project was officially established!

According to foreign media reports, recently, led by Roy Judd, a world-renowned financial services expert, and in conjunction with many royal and entrepreneurial consultants in Canada, ang, a DFI ecological project supported by the angel Alliance Foundation and developed by members of the angel alliance core technology team, announced its formal establishment, causing an uproar in the industry!

It is reported that Roy Judd has great influence in the financial sector. He has many successful enterprises in investment, trust, banking, credit risk management, retail and commercial risks, blockchain and other fields. He has achieved success and far-reaching success in North America and European countries. He once led the development of Bank of America and securities (from 2005 to 2011), provided extensive strategic and operational advice to executives in the financial services industry, and became a consultant in business development and investment, technology and information security. He once served on the board of angel Alliance Group, the board member of Zurich Insurance Group, and the Advisory Committee of Ross School of business at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor.

The angel Alliance Foundation has a high reputation in the global financial field. It was jointly founded by Roy Judd and the largest financial company in Canada and the 15 largest financial groups in North America. At the initial stage, it invested $3billion to build the defi agreement, provide banking and financial solutions, and use existing personal and commercial banking, wealth management, insurance, investor and financial services Financial technologies such as capital market and enterprise support, as well as a complete set of investment, trust, banking, credit and other wealth management solutions, build a defi platform integrating DEX, IMO and Dao to provide one-stop liquidity services for high-quality assets. At the same time, it will realize the research of underlying financial theory and technology, the investment, incubation and combination of high-quality defi projects, and provide users with more safe, reliable, diverse assets Cost effective trading experience.

This time, angel Alliance Foundation will inject a large amount of funds into ang to comprehensively lay out the decentralized financial system of DFI. Ang is based on the binance smart chain loan agreement, which aims to introduce the loan system based on decentralized finance into the currency smart chain, so as to provide users with a faster and low-cost transaction experience, and provide users with more opportunities to contact rich and highly liquid asset classes. It can be said that the establishment of ang is a significant innovation!

It is worth noting that, Founder Roy Judd said in his social post: “I believe that all along, compared with traditional finance, defi is an innovative world, which is a new field full of opportunities and exciting, and we should actively explore defi. My team and I hope that Ang can provide a bridge for everyone to easily and safely lead to this world full of opportunities, provide users with services with high trust, security and certainty, and combine the whole encryption field with the defi ecosystem to reshape the whole world Global financial system. ”

For the future, it is believed that under the leadership of Roy Judd, ang will continue to improve its business ecosystem and promote global scientific and technological progress and the steady economic development of North America. Let’s wait and see!