Hardware Wallet Maker Ledger Adding DeFi Support to Mobile App

Cryptocurrency hardware wallet provider Ledger will soon allow users to access the decentralized finance (DeFi) space through its Ledger Live mobile app.

  • According to an announcement Monday, the app – to be updated this week – will let Ledger wallet users connect to decentralized apps (dapps) via an integration with open-source protocol WalletConnect.
  • Until now, access to dapps like platforms like Uniswap, KyberSwap, 1inch, Curve and Binance DEX were generally only available to desktop users, the firm said.   
  • Ledger Live mobile users will be able to use their device to manage transactions without relying on external gateways and browser-based Ethereum wallets.
  • “With the new update, you can interact with any DeFi dapp with WalletConnect support directly from your mobile device, by simply scanning the QR code offered by the dApp using your device camera,” said the firm.
  • Users will be able to interact by scanning QR codes provided within dapps. Subsequent transactions can then be securely signed within Ledger Live on their device within Ledger Live.

EDIT (15:55 UTC, Feb. 8, 2021): Text and headline were altered to reflect that the app update was not live on Monday as expected by Ledger.

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