FTA1 rocked the world, officially launching at 14:15 Vietnam time on 31st October

FTA1 creates an open, fair, traceable, transparent and credible decentralised aggregation ecosystem through cross-generation blockchain technology. With the concept of trading as dividends and trading as mining to create an innovative coin exchange, subverting DEFI and reshaping the WEB 3.0 financial ecology!

FTA1 has a total issue of 300 million pieces, permission to discard and never issue more, the more you trade, the more you earn, the more you fall, the more you earn. Slippage buy 0% sell 5%, all smart contracts are automatically executed, the future is promising.

The development of FTA1 has received the attention and favor of many well-known blockchain investment institutions around the world, and its birth marks a milestone in the integration of blockchain big data on the chain + decentralized ecological innovation as one. It is a great innovation to accelerate the digital ecology in the post-epidemic era, providing a value path for the public to participate in the construction of the digital economy and share the dividends; to seize the opportunity is to sit back and enjoy the wealth.