Feel the charm of panoramic games anytime, anywhere! The first Metaverse AR e-sports chain game SPACE CRAFT will be launched soon

What differentiates blockchain games from existing games is the ability to truly own in-game assets, and blockchain-based games have grown rapidly over the past year, and the upward trend continues. According to SPACE CRAFT community news, SPACE CRAFT, the world’s first Metaverse AR blockchain e-sports game, will be launched soon.


SPACE CRAFT is a metaverse AR blockchain e-sports game jointly developed by A16Z and Japan’s Sony team on the SP4C3 AI smart chain. SPACE CRAFT is based on DAO’s protocol governance, has a complete distribution system, and is fully executed on the chain. It is a decentralized GAMEFI 2.0 ecosystem built with AR technology. Players can call on their friends, form a team, fight with others, and get token rewards for their skills.

Relying on augmented reality (AR) infrastructure, SPACE CRAFT’s pursuit of an immersive metaverse experience will define the future of blockchain gaming. SPACE CRAFT is the first chain game in the SP4C3 GameFi ecosystem . It does not issue tokens and uses SP4 tokens as the circulation medium.


1. AR technology + GameFi ecology

The joint Sony team uses the world’s leading AR technology to integrate into the SPACE CRAFT game. The self-developed AR equipment, firearms and mobile phones can enable players to experience the game in the combination of virtual reality, and can turn any place into a game field. AR augmented reality brings super immersion, players can experience super-clear game scenes, super-simulation on-the-spot shocking sound effects, realistic real-life perspective, and gorgeous game special effects.

The perfect combination of NFT and GameFi builds the GameFi ecosystem. Based on the DAO protocol governance, it has a perfect distribution system. Players buy the V1 game pack and get an AR equipment firearm NFT. AR equipment and firearms NFTs are divided into V1-V9 levels, which can be upgraded automatically or automatically. The higher the level, the higher the computing power. By completing game tasks every day, players can obtain computing power according to the current game package level, and can obtain SP4 tokens. The GameFi ecosystem has also designed referral rewards and net income. Inviting more friends to participate in SPACE CRAFT games will get more SP4 income. The P2E distribution mechanism is a key driving force behind the prosperity of SPACE CRAFT, allowing players to spend time and effort on the platform and profitably become popular.

2. SPACE CRAFT is developed based on SP4C3 AI smart chain

SPACE CRAFT is developed on the SP4C3 AI smart chain. The SPACE CRAFT game will run on the SP4C3 server in the future . The device terminal used by the user can experience the most cutting-edge AR blockchain game only by using the AR device and network connection.

At the same time, expanding and loading thousands of players around the world has high infrastructure requirements. After the SP4C3 AI smart chain mainnet goes online, it can fully meet the needs of SPACE CRAFT’s large number of digital operations to run games and graphics rendering NFTs, and achieve uninterrupted game experience.

3. Huge technical support

Sony game team participates in SPACE CRAFT game development and AR intelligent hardware development. SP4C3 technical team cooperates with ETH foundation and BSC laboratory to provide blockchain underlying technical support. SP4C3’s AI technology supported by computing power can assist in creation and generate more Rich and authentic content.

4. Has multiple institutional endorsements

VC institutions such as A16Z , ETH Foundation, BSC Labs, Sony Team, PARTNER CAPITAL and YGG Game Association provided early financial and technical support for SPACE CRAFT .

By using the existing game computing architecture of SP4C3 , SPACE CRAFT establishes a computing power application system in a point-to-point manner to achieve low equipment threshold and high game experience for blockchain games . SPACE CRAFT built with AR technology can integrate AR games into life scenes, allowing players to experience the charm of panoramic games anytime, anywhere.

Joining the SP4C3 ecosystem, leveraging the network advantages of the SP4C3 infrastructure , opening up the economic ecology of SPACE CRAFT and SP4C3 , forming a more robust GameFi ecosystem, and comprehensively improving the SPACE CRAFT gaming experience and value distribution . SPACE CRAFT will surely become the dark horse in the metaverse chain game.