Famous crypto mining miningcity deploys metaverse

Famous crypto mining miningcity deploys metaverse

Self-Circulating Deflation Defi Financial Model

Open a new chapter in the second generation of DeFi mining

Promoting the rapid growth of DeFi20 finance

The DFC (Double Financial City) project was jointly initiated by miningcity and miningdash. Through the financial attributes of defi, combined with the concept of DAO, and through six rounds of joint creation of nodes, the consensus building in the early stage of the application of the Metaverse was completed, and another international giant entered the market. Metaverse, DFC plans to revive the dark history of Europe in the metaverse world, so that humans can better cherish the present. There are up to 99 countries in the Metaverse, and positions in the countries are activated by NFT, which are closely related to their ecological governance tokens. The six rounds of governance tokens have different functions. Its position NFT requires the synthesis of governance tokens, which has a very high commercial value. It is expected that its first round of governance tokens will launch BSC pancakes in the form of Defi in the near future.

DFC will be the strongest

Wealth outlet

DFC is the heavyweight choice in the coin circle of wealth and trendsetters – you deserve it