Expand the new era of energy gathering wind, DD pass “value win” future industrial market!

In human economic life, there are various kinds of value certificates. For example, cash, deposits, foreign exchange, shares of listed companies, bonds, etc. In modern economic life, a person holding a credential means that he or she is the owner of the property.

Until the rise of decentralized crypto markets, the pass-through economy became a new economic model. In an environment where cryptography enables the pass-through of assets, both pass-through digital assets and pass-through traditional assets can circulate quickly and securely, and can reflect the rights and interests of individuals and organizations.

It has been said that “equity is an asset.” In this ecosystem, which contains technical implementation, incentive mechanism, consensus mechanism, role definition, technical determination, defining target groups, etc., the pass-through economy is quite substantial in application because of transparency, consensus, algorithmic mechanism, etc.


How can we infiltrate the pass-through economy into the real world?

Traditional fields such as sports, entertainment, agriculture, biotechnology, etc. are still in centralized collaborative systems. The BYTECODE Foundation is committed to transforming this by using digital passwords to upgrade it into a new system of collaborative and interoperable value.

BYTECODE Foundation is a Singapore-based charity organization registered in 2020, which aims to provide economic and technical assistance to all traditional sectors to transform their digitalization and serve the public using technologies such as biotechnology, digital economy and Internet technology.

Currently, BYTECODE Foundation will use cryptocurrencies for all-round ecological construction and market development in biotechnology industry, ecological agriculture, sports and entertainment industry, and crypto industry by means of issuing DD passes. The DD pass is the main model to realize industrial integration, cost reduction and distributed digital development.

Evolution of the physical industry

First of all, BYTECODE will integrate biotechnology industry and carry out deep processing with mice and other animal serum. In China, BYTECODE will adopt the “Company + Base + Farmers” franchise cooperation model. Promote farmers’ income and agricultural efficiency, and help revitalize the development of Chinese countryside. At the same time, we increase the research and development of raw materials with added value, extend the industrial chain upward, help global integrated sales layout, and build a trillion-dollar biotechnology industry.

In the sports and entertainment industry, BYTECODE will build an offline Texas Hold’em poker arena, and use DD pass as the main economic model to realize the interoperability and win-win situation between sports and digital industry. And in the future, it will cooperate with global stadiums to enable the value of DD pass to circulate worldwide and open a new world of digitalization in sports and entertainment industry.

Internet economic system change

BYTECODE will develop a decentralized mall around DD Passes, which will allow people around the world to choose from tens of thousands of products related to food, clothing, housing and transportation for painless consumption by pledging DD Passes’ sub-DDs. In this process, the multiple circulation of DD Passes can generate unlimited value-added potential. Meanwhile, in order to create a virtuous ecological cycle of ecological DD passes, a comprehensive NFT trading platform integrating NFT publishing, NFT trading and NFT wallet will be built in the future. Simultaneously, we will participate in the development of various meta-universe chain games, issue meta-universe game tokens and establish a game R&D operation center. Most of the application, technical and other difficulties we encounter in the ecology will be solved by the unique ability of 5G public chain technology.

In addition, DD pass will gradually penetrate into various industries such as caravan and ecological agriculture, big health real industry, etc., consolidate the foundation of digital economy industry, boost the rapid circulation of DD pass, and maximize the value of DD pass.

According to the latest news from BYTECODE Foundation, DD Pass will open the recharge system on June 27, 2022 from 13:14-19:59. All users will be able to top up their accounts with USDT and get unlimited value of DD Passes directly in the DD Pass rush that will be officially launched at 20:00 on June 27th!

The value of DD pass will appreciate with the growth of its digital economy, and will be gradually applied in various business ecologies in a step-by-step and phased manner. Eventually it will be incorporated into the unified value upgrade system described by the DD Pass economic practice model in the ecological links.